Toyota was crowned as the most recognizable auto brand in Central America

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To start this tour in Latin America, an average number of internet searches for more than 60 car brands has been analyzed, and the list includes premium cars, but also those with lower prices.

The most popular is Toyota. The Japanese brand outperformed its competitors in 14 countries, from some Caribbean countries such as the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Barbados, Antigua and Barbuda; In Central America: El Salvador, Honduras, and Panama, all the way to Suriname, Guyana and Peru.

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Second placeWhich reach the maximum popularity among internet users in 4 countries, Chevrolet occupies it. Find your lovers in Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Mexico.

While Venezuela and some countries that are part of the Southern Cone, such as Argentina and Uruguay, have sided with Volkswagen.

Which car brands are on the minds of Central America?

Right behind the podium, ex aequo, Meet BMWAnd the Honda, Hyundai and Tesla. The American electric vehicle brand is victorious in Canada and the United States.

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On the other hand, the German product is especially popular among the Belizeans and Jamaicans. In contrast, Asian cars achieved the highest number of searches in Brazil, Guatemala (Honda), Nicaragua and Paraguay (Hyundai).

finally, An Italian brand, Lamborghini closes the list. Of his Haitian followers.


The study was based on a comparison of the number of internet search queries over the past four years for 64 car brands through Google’s Keyword Planner tool).

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