A scientist warns of a “correction” of humanity’s population: how many will survive?

Canadian professor, ecologist and academic William Reese warned that “humankind will undergo a major demographic ‘correction’ this century.”in an article published in the journal world. In his scientific article, he described how humans could face a sharp decline in population.

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According to the professor from the University of British Columbia, although the population increased a few decades ago, there will be a sharp decline in the following years. It is worth saying that, according to the United Nations, in 2022 we will reach 8,000 million people in the world.

How many people will survive after the demographic “correction”?

“The crecimiento continuará hasta que el consumo excesivo y la degradación del habitat vuelvan a provocar escasez de alimentos y hambruna, o hasta que las enfermedades y la depredación pasen factura”, expresó tras nombrar los problemas que aquejan al mundo en la actualidad, como el Climate change.

Rees explained that the international community has responded to the collapse of the biosphere in a “catastrophic” way, which he considers necessary, for example, to search for alternative sources of energy that guarantee “the existence of civilization.”

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A new negative feedback could end growth long before the population reaches 10.4 billion. As planned by the United Nations at the end of the eighties of the current century.

Despite the academic’s assertion that “it is unlikely that man will become extinct,” he opened the door to a “global demographic correction.” That is, population rates will decline until the survivors are combined with the Earth’s resources.

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At worst, approx 1 billion survivors They will experience going back to the stone age lifestyles. “If this is the future of humanity,” he added in his essay, “it will not be the urban population that will survive, but the pre-adapted rural poor and the remaining indigenous groups.”

For him, “in the best of all worlds,” the right shift could prevent millions of people from losing their lives: “But it does — and cannot happen — in a world blind to his own situation.”

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The United Nations estimates that in 2050 there will be 9.7 billion people, which means that population growth has slowed. And by 2080, it is expected that the 10.4 billion people Rees mentioned in his writings will be reached.

However, the United Nations does not have catastrophic situations on its radar. In an essay on human growth, he notes that “the chances of survival are expected to improve in all countries.”

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