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In a recent statement from the portal PBS News Hourit was reported that Dr. Joseph Dettoria college professor who managed to set a hard-to-beat record of being able to live underwater for the longest time without decompression during his camp stay at Jules Undersea Lodge, the depth to which he was submerged was 22 feet throughout the experience, in the waters of Laguna Cayo Largo .

The new record was set last Friday, and Dr. Dettori has not seen the light of day since March 1 of this year.

previous record

Incredibly, Dettori’s challenge was far from easy, as Tennessee teachers had previously held a record-breaking 73 days in the same shelter 9 years ago, in 2014.

According to the words of Dr. Dettoriwas not intended to break any record, but “it was about extending human tolerance to the underwater world and an isolated, confined, extreme environment.”

The well aka “Doctor. Deep Sea” Explorer diver, teaches at the University of South Florida, holds a graduate degree in biomedical engineering, and is a retired US Navy officer.

The aim of the project

The goal of the project was to learn more about how the human body and mind respond to prolonged exposure to extreme stress and an isolated environment, and it was designed to benefit ocean researchers and astronauts on future, long-term missions. During the three months and nine days he was underwater, Dettori performed daily experiments and measurements to monitor how his body responded to the increasing pressure over time.

Check the log

After reporting on the new record, Guinness World Records listed Dr. Dettori as the record holder on their website after his 74th day underwater last month. The Marine Resources Development Corporation will require Guinness to certify Dettori’s 100-day mark, according to the foundation’s director, Ian Kublik.

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Project Dettori, dubbed Project Neptune 100, was organized by the Foundation. Unlike a submarine, which uses technology to keep the internal pressure roughly the same as it is on the surface, the interior of the shelter is configured to accommodate the high pressure found underwater.

finally , Dr. Dettori “The most rewarding part of this is the interaction with nearly 5,000 students and the interest in preserving, protecting and rejuvenating our marine environment,” he added.

The researcher plans to share the results of the Neptune 100 project at the World Extreme Medicine Conference in Scotland in November.

About Guinness Records

the Guinness Book of Records, also known as Guinness World Records, is a compilation of notable and extraordinary achievers in various categories. These records are published annually as a reference book and are also maintained online.

Guinness World Records covers a wide range of categories, from the most common to the most unusual achievements. Some of the most popular categories are listed below:

  • Sports Records: These records cover a variety of sports disciplines, such as track and field, football, swimming, basketball, golf, and many more. They include individual and team achievements, such as the world speed record in the 100-meter dash or the number of goals a player scores in a season.
  • Entertainment Records: This category includes records related to movies, music, television, and other forms of entertainment. For example, the record for highest-grossing movie, best-selling album, longest-running TV show, or best-selling video game.
  • Nature Records: These records refer to natural phenomena and wonders of the world. It can include the largest or smallest animal, the longest river, the highest mountain, or the highest waterfall.
  • Technology Records: This category highlights developments in technology and innovation. It includes records related to computing, electronics, mobile phones, artificial intelligence, and other technological fields.
  • Human Records: This category includes the individual achievements of individuals, such as records of longevity, unique abilities, special talents, or exceptional physical achievements.

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