Armando Traveri insists on organizing the practice of the profession of physical education

The Committee on Constitutional Affairs and General Legislation of the Santa Fe County Senate, of the 140th Term Fourth Ordinary Session on Thursday, June 16, 2022, is considering Bill (File 46114 JL) for the Senator. Armando Traveri (PJ-JDP-San Lorenzo), re-entered on 15 June 2022 by the movement schedule, by which, through 58 carefully prepared articles, Regulate the practice of the profession of physical education.

It is worth noting that nearly two years ago, in the September 17, 2020 regular session of the 138th term, the Senate Internal Committee said it had considered the bill (file 41899 JL) for the senator. Armando Traveri (PJ-JDP-San Lorenzo), head of the Juan Domingo Perón bloc, admitted through the movement’s schedule the day before, that is, on September 16, 2020, identical to the schedule introduced again in the current 140, but expired in its parliamentary status due to Lack of political and legislative agreements.

This bill, which aims to establish the College of Physical Education Professionals and to regulate professional practice, and to make it compatible with the public interest, was accepted in 2016 under file number 33535 JL, which received half a penalty, also in 2018 under file number 38155 JL, with the same Method in 2020 under file number 41899 JL, and again now, in 2022, under file number 46114 JL.

However, several years after his first admission, “The need that motivated this project is still fully valid and has not yet been met,” Travery said.

The pillars of this project are, on the one hand, the organization of professional practice, and in this sense, the areas and conditions are defined, as well as the obligation of any entity developing activities related to physical education, to have the direction and supervision technique of a licensed professional.

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It also organizes everything related to the College of Physical Education Professionals. Its composition is regulated and then headquarters and circuits are created, which will be two, one in the city of Santa Fe and the other in the city of Rosario, for the purposes of its proper functioning.

The guidelines of the first constitution of the assembly were established and rules that conflict with the current system were abolished.

Armando Traveri added that the practice of teaching in the province’s education system is excluded from the regulations, “considering that it is already protected by the various standards that govern regional education.”

“We believe that the establishment of the College of Physical Education Professionals, with its own prerogatives with regard to the administration of registration and other concerns of the profession, will benefit all stakeholders and, above all, the community as a recipient of physical teacher development professionals,” she concluded.

Bill (file 46114 JL), Transcript of Bill (file 41899 JL) for Senator Armando Traveri (PJ-JDP-San Lorenzo), which consists of 58 carefully prepared articles, entered on June 15, 2022 by the motion table, in the Fourth Ordinary Session of the 140th Term of the Senate of the County of Santa Fe referred to the Committee on Constitutional Affairs and Public Legislation for Study and Analysis and speed of view.

It should be noted that this is the fourth time that the senator has applied Armando Traveri (photo from Senate Press) Displays the relevant command in 2016, 2018, 2020 and now in this year 2022 for Organizing the practice of the physical education profession.

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Publication date: 27 / June / 2022

Line: Fernando Prosotti

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