A rebound in business travel and rising prices are increasing supply in the region

The landing of the Spanish Unico Hotels chain in Argentina, which announced – this month – the inauguration of the new “Casa Lucia” hotel on Arroyo Street in Buenos Aires, is only an example of this. A business that is growing all over the world and especially in Latin America: luxury hospitalityaccessible by business travelers and tourists from an increasingly affluent and select social class.

New housing Five stars from Recoleta She will work in the historic Mihanović Building, which was once the tallest building in Latin America. The head of the Spanish hotel company is Pau Jardans, a businessman from a traditional Catalan family, who since 2004 has added six luxury hotels in Madrid, Barcelona and the Costa Brava.

On the contrary, Local entrepreneurs are also looking to expand their business to other foreign markets.. This is the case of Alan Faena, a pioneering entrepreneur in Puerto Madero, who now, as part of his global expansion, Just launched a new project in São Paulo, Brazil. It is its third district in the region, characterized by the “exclusive fusion of art, architecture and hospitality”, which defines its environment.

The Wyndham chain – which in Argentina has 50 hotels in 16 provinces – has also just opened New hotel in the Colombian Caribbean. Santa Marta Alona Beach has a planned first phase with 135 rooms and in 2026, a second tower has already been constructed. The initiative will represent a total of 574 rooms With an investment of 125 million US dollars.

According to the same source, between January and July of this year, 700 million tourists traveled – internationally – which exceeds 700 million tourists. 43% the number of travelers during the same period in 2022.

For this reason, the tourist and residential offer is growing in many destinations, especially luxury or “all-inclusive” resorts, a category characterized by high-level facilities and services.

Air connectivity is a very important link in the growth of this hotel sector even though “Management is needed to put these countries (Latin America) on the radar of hotel investors and travelers around the world.He says.

In this sense, Hyatt is expanding its offerings into new markets around the world. By the end of this year, the Inclusive Collection is expected to include more than 120 hotels. “The diversity of destinations is also part of this incarnation of the brand, and here’s why We focused on other destinations in Latin America Searching for new places to develop this type of resort.”

According to data shared by Inclusive Collection, the highest percentage of hotel bookings located in Mexico, Jamaica, Curaçao, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Colombia, Panama, St. Maarten and St. Lucia are from foreign guests: 76% of them come from the United States, 8% from Canada, and 7% from European destinations.

As the hotel chain explained in a statement, “The company is preparing for this Record yeardriven by booming urban tourism, lIt’s the recovery in business travel, and the strength of prices And cost discipline.

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