A party with different schedules: this is how the coronation of Carlos III is celebrated in Australia, Canada or Jamaica

Today is the day almost all English people have been waiting for: the coronation of Charles III as the new King of England. An event that seems to have taken a long time considering that His mother, Elizabeth II, died in September. Then the appointment was fulfilled, and the coronation was expected.

Starting at 11 am, the whole party will take place, which will have a very strict protocol system, as it is expected that both the guests and the items that will greet this party, It is completely controlled. So, in COPE appearedwe wonder what the whole protocol will be like.

That’s why we’re talking to Gerardo Correas, President of the International School of ProtocolWho explained to us the main elements of this coronation ceremony, which will be attended, by the way, by King Philip VI and Letizia.

Tradition adapted to the 21st century

As Gerardo Correas explained to us, it will be a ceremony very appropriate to the tradition but one that will be more “modern”, adapted to the 21st century. “It’s the moment Where the British institution organizes and releases to the world the image of the country’s passage. It represents multiple sects, cultures and religions.”

Another note: she’ll be shorter than his mother was 70 years ago. Among the keys to this coronation, there are three that we must keep in mind. First, the crown jewels. “There are three crowns in use, and jewelry that has an enormous historical charge They are essential to the party, ”explained Gerardo Correas in COPE at noon.

The next key is furniture, where chairs and ceremonial thrones predominate. “It’s so full of symbolism that it sparked a little bit of controversy.” He explained to us, referring above all to that stone which the kings put on their enthronements and which was returned to Scotland in 1996, when Elizabeth II ceded it to her on condition that they lend it for these ceremonies.

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The third key is clothing or The dress to be worn. The highlight will be the inherited toga, a wonderful tradition adapted to the times And it will be cheaper than in other ceremonies. explained Gerardo Correas, an expert on the protocol.

But he wanted to tell us what the celebration would be like in the streets, which would not only be in the English streets, But on the streets of the Commonwealth of Nations.

Celebration in the streets of all Member States

The ceremony will go to all those cities that are aligned with the member states of the Commonwealth, including Australia, Canada, the Bahamas, Belize, New Zealand or Jamaica.. It is also believed to decorate the streets and have lunch To celebrate the King, though yes, at different times due to the time zone.

“It will be a real party, and the quarters will be decorated with banners, and there will be coronation lunches, and there will be public festivities, for the sake of transportation. People should be happy to celebrate and strengthen the institution.” Explain to us this expert COPE at noon.

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