A new wave of variable delta threatens to return to normal life in Israel

Israel has re-used masks and postponed opening its borders to foreign tourists, after the increase in infection Related to the highly transmissible delta variant.

“The decision was made that once we have an average of over 100 new cases per week, We reuse masks indoorsThe head of public health, Sharon Al-Roy-Pryce, said, according to the Ynet website. “I would imagine this will happen as early as Sunday given the rapid trend we’re seeing.” The chin strap was removed earlier this month.

In mid-June, new cases dropped to single digits, but this week they have crossed 100 for three consecutive days. Most The new cases were unvaccinated children and people returning from abroad. Some patients were fully vaccinated with the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.

while the alternative Delta It is the most contagious so far, and nearly all cases in Israel have been asymptomatic or mildThe number of seriously ill patients remained at about twenty. Business remained open.

The delta type of Covid-19 has arrived in Argentina and the World Health Organization has warned of its potential to kill

The On the night of Wednesday 23rd, Israel postponed the reopening of its borders to foreign tourism Until August 1, a month later than planned.

We’ve decided to treat this as a new outbreak. “We intend to stop it, take a bucket of water and put out the fires while they are still small,” Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said Tuesday at the national airport, which throughout the pandemic has been a vector of the disease.

COVID-19 vaccine Israel 20210114

Among the measures taken by the government this week Includes stricter quarantine regulations, more daily testing, and a NIS 5,000 ($1,535) fine for parents whose children violate quarantine. Masks have already been re-imposed at airports, border crossings and medical facilities.

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Bennett’s quick action shows that Israel learned its lesson from the devastating reopening of its economy after its first shutdown, under then-Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Reducing the number of cases led to the easing of precautionary measures, which caused the number of infections to rise to more than 11,000 cases per day. Subsequently, the country managed to bring the epidemic under control, but not without imposing a series of quarantines and implementing the most stringent vaccination campaign against the virus.


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