They judged a dentist who damaged his patients’ teeth to collect health insurance

Scott Charmolya dentist from Milwaukee, Wisconsin in United StateI found Guilty of health care fraud. The US court found it He damaged his patients’ teeth and then treated them and got insurance.

The man from Grafton, a town of the same state, Deliberately injuring his patients with the intention of collecting a millionairedirectly related to their medical insurance.

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How a dentist who hurt his patients collected insurance

His deception emerged after he sold his clinic and the new owners, after reviewing the files, made sure of it The numbers were out of the ordinary.

The Milwaukee Journal Ranger He conducted an investigation in which he detailed each step of his actions. 61-year-old dentist licensed in 1986 His patients showed him an x-ray of their teeth.

Although the cuts were healthy before each consultation, Charmoli hacked them to be able to spot points and cracks Thus they argue that the crown would be necessary to be able to repair it.

The dentist is 61 years old and obtained his medical license in 1986 (Photo: Facebook Scott Charmoly).

Prosecutors argued that Charmolly intentionally damages teeth before doing the job, so the resulting crown will be covered by insurance. in this way, The doctor placed more than 1,600 crowns in a 20-month period.

On average, Wisconsin dentists placed fewer than six crowns per 100 patients during that time. However, In 2019, Charmoli’s rate exceeded 32 per 100 patients.

The dentist was indicted at the end of 2020 on just eight counts and faced a trial lasting just four days in Milwaukee federal court. The jury found him guilty on seven counts.Five for defrauding four patients and two for making false statements regarding two of the same patients.

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What a former dentist in the clinic and a former patient of the doctor said

Local media noted thatFacing medical malpractice claims In Washington County, nearly 100 former patients presented it.” All were suspended until knowledge of the federal guilty verdict.

former assistant jackson family dentistryWhich Charmoli had founded many years ago, told the dental clinic Going from busy to very busy By patients after they have decided to move to a larger area.

Billy Bayer, the woman who worked alongside Charmoly, detailed in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that she noticeably noticed the increase in work. “There was a stricter schedule and a lower ratio of staff to patients”He said.

The scam clinic: His actions came to light when he sold it and the new owners discovered his behavior (Photo: Facebook Jackson Family Dentistry).
The scam clinic: His actions came to light when he sold it and the new owners discovered his behavior (Photo: Facebook Jackson Family Dentistry).

She revealed that while she was new to the profession, she found it strange to take an X-ray after drilling a tooth. Insurance will want to see this.he answered.

Former patient Todd Tedeschi was among those who testified against the doctor. He confirmed that he was convinced to undergo two sessions of the crown treatments at the same time to avoid re-anaesthesia. β€œHe was a professional. I just trusted him.”

In the indictment filed by US prosecutors, court officials noted that: “Patients who believed Charmolly was the expert, They accepted their wrong recommendations related to the crown procedure.

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The court found that from January 1, 2016 to June 28, 2018, Charmouli received $318,600 out of $745,570 in claims made to Dental delta. During the first six months of 2019, he raised another $114,294 from the same company.

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Sharmoli faces federal charges and may be sentenced to several years in prison for these crimes. In June he will know the sentence.

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