The conflict between Russia and Ukraine minute by minute | Russia has condemned the Ukrainian attack on a gas drilling rig

Russia requires gas supplies to Europe

Kremin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Russia has enough gas and is ready to supply it to the European Union, but this will depend on the return of repaired Nord Stream gas pipeline pumps outside the country.

He stated at his daily press conference that “Russia remains the most reliable supplier. From a technological point of view, the mechanical infrastructure of this gas pipeline is suffering due to the sanctions imposed by the European Union,” commenting on the curtailment of gas transportation. Via North Stream.

The representative of the Russian presidency emphasized that “the pumping capacities, especially the turbines, require major repairs.”

“Some turbines cannot be put back. Europeans do not put them back. That is why we now have nothing to pump. It is a crisis that they made with their own hands. It was created by the hands of the European Union,” he explained.

Peskov stressed that “we have gas, it is ready to supply. But the Europeans must return this equipment to us and repair it in accordance with their obligations,” he said.

Russia announced last week two successive reductions in gas supplies via Nord Stream, the first by 40% and then another by 33%, which the Russian giant Gazprom justified by problems in the technical revisions of the German Siemens turbine engines.

Nord Stream transports Russian gas to Germany via the Baltic Sea and was to be supplemented by Nord Stream 2, which was frozen by the German government due to the Russian military campaign in Ukraine.

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The turbines are currently in Canada, and cannot be returned due to sanctions imposed on Russia for its military campaign in Ukraine.

Russia confirmed that Ukraine fell in a large number of victims last month

The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed today that from May 19 until the previous day, Ukraine had suffered “significant” losses in its ranks.

“During the special military operation, the enemy incurred great losses. During the month that has passed since May 19, the 14th Mechanized Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces alone lost more than 2,100 dead and wounded,” the army said. The speaker, Igor Konashenkov, is at the military segment this morning.

The Ministry of Defense also confirmed that “due to the low morale and mental state, 800 people who were to compensate for the losses of this formation refused to go to the combat zone, accusing the officers of incompetence, bribery and nepotism in the payment of diets.”

Konashenkov also stated that in the 10th Mountain Offensive Brigade, about a hundred soldiers of the reconnaissance unit “were withdrawn from combat missions due to massive disobedience to the command and transferred to the city of Kremenchug”, in the region of Poltava, in central Ukraine, for investigation.

In turn, the spokesman stressed that “a large part” of the commanders of the 30th mechanized brigade of the Ukrainian armed forces “withdrew from the command of their units and evaded combat missions.”

He stressed that “any pretext is used to simulate diseases. There was not a single officer left in most of the brigade’s units.”

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Kyiv’s reaction to Moscow’s condemnation of Lithuania

“Russia has no right to threaten Lithuania,” Ukraine’s diplomatic chief Dmytro Kuleba said on Monday, after Russia denounced the imposition of “hostile” restrictions on the transit of goods through Lithuania to its enclave in Kaliningrad.

“We welcome Lithuania’s principled position and firmly support our Lithuanian friends,” the Ukrainian foreign minister added on Twitter.

Russia denounced the blockade of Lithuania

Russian diplomacy denounced the introduction of “hostile restrictions” on the transit of railways through Lithuania for goods destined for the city of Kaliningrad.located on the coast of the Baltic Sea, as a result of European sanctions that were adopted after the Russian attack on Ukraine.

“We have requested (from Lithuania) the immediate lifting of these restrictions,” the Russian diplomat said in a statement. If transit is not fully restored, Russia reserves the right to act to defend its national interests.He confirmed.

Konstantin Kosachev, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Senate said on his Telegram channel.

Kaliningrad – which until 1945 was Koenigsberg, a Prussian city – is an enclave separated from the rest of Russia and bordering two countries of the European Union and NATO: Lithuania and Poland.

According to Kosachev, The embargo affects nearly 50 percent of imports Needed by the residents of Kaliningrad.

“If we continue with this, the West may end up in violation of the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, where there is also freedom of transit and freedom in open waters, which still allows ships to cross neutral waters to reach Kaliningrad. The same is the same thing,” the deputy head of the Russian Senate said. It applies to the airspace.

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Ukraine attacks Donetsk

Pro-Russian city authorities Donetsk I mentioned that the Kuibyshev, Kiev and Petrovsky districts Under fire from Ukrainian artillery.

The Mayor of Donetsk, Alexei Kolymzin, also announced that a strong fire was affecting the Azotny region, and called on residents to follow security measures and hide in shelters.

Donetsk representatives of the Joint Monitoring and Coordination Center on the Ceasefire and Stabilization of the Demarcation Line of the Parties to the Conflict denounced that the Ukrainian army fired eight 155-mm projectiles.

Russia accuses Ukraine of attacking offshore oil drilling platforms

Russian government officials denounced this on Monday Ukrainian army attacked oil and gas drilling rigs, at least three people were injured.

According to the President of the Republic of Crimea, Sergei Aksyonov, the armed forces of Ukraine fired at a facility of the Chernomorneftegaz oil and gas company in the Black Sea.

“This morning the enemy attacked the Chernomorneftegaz drilling rigs… We are working to save people,” Aksionov said via Telegram.

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