A missile hit the moon and no one knows for sure who it belongs to

Although we don’t notice it, space is indeed a polluted place. After 65 years of exploration and sending out satellites, rockets, sensors and telescopes, outer space is full of junk. according to Duo Soft 4,550 satellites are currently orbiting the Earth And to this figure we must add space debris in perpetual motion due to the forces of attraction and rotation exerted by the various celestial bodies.

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Sometimes some of these objects get out of orbit and end up being attracted by the force of gravity until they collide with the Moon or Earth. Scientists announced this week that on March 4 a collision was recorded on the dark side of the moon (which we can’t see from Earth) and although it was originally thought to be space debris, the latest hypothesis suggests that what fell on the moon’s surface. The moon was a piece of a rocket, though it hasn’t been recognized by a space agency yet.

So where did the missile come from?

According to the researchers, the object has been floating in space for at least seven years, and their initial calculations indicate that it may be the remains of the rocket. falcon 9, From SpaceX, Elon Musk’s company, although this possibility has been ruled out after further studies. The latest hypothesis refers to the remains of a Chinese missile that was part of the Chang’e 3 mission and was launched in December 2013, although China rejects any claim.

NASA revealed images in which it is possible to see the double crater left by the body on the surface of the moon; The missile is believed to have broken in two prior to impact, creating a double crater. According to Arizona State University, this isn’t the first time a rocket has hit the moon and claims to contain data from 47 other rockets found surviving on our planet’s natural satellite.

NASA is working with other space agencies around the world to return humans to the Moon in the Artemis program.

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