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The new season begins with several changes to the Formula 1 slate, which Codemasters have taken into account. What are all the novelties that F1 22 brings? We discover them in this analysis.

After immersing themselves in story modes and other trends, the team last year worked on Code Masters He took a turn and focused on the pure experience of competition. This year the goal is to carefully apply Changes that occurred in the real Formula 1 competition. Through a series of technical tweaks, such as a new chassis and aerodynamics for the individual seats, the championship rules were changed to try to achieve a better balance between the cars and thus increase the odds of overtaking, something that was becoming increasingly difficult to discipline.

F1 22 These new regulations and aerodynamic rules have been well taken into account for their application to the updated new physics system as well as wheel behavior and vehicle handling. The result is a More competitive races, where the chances of overtaking are greater And the search, in short, for the same thing that real competition does: a more exciting tournament where anything can happen. The pillars of excellence remain as they have always been. The Employment status It allows us to follow the championship from the driver’s perspective and focus only on the competition and breaking records by studying each circuit, while the situation my team It includes all the leadership experience while we take care of everything related to managing the team itself. From sponsors, researching and developing new vehicle technology, to interviewing our competitors on the tracks and aspects our team will focus on most: chassis, aerodynamics, engine and handling.

The changes in these patterns are given further, according to us a point. We can start out as a novice to work our way through Formula 2, start right at the highest level of Formula 1 competition, start on a modest budget, on a more competitive budget or even with all the benefits of a successful team under our belt. .

As we’ve said before, it reiterates the lack of a mode that focuses more on history, in which rivalry and camaraderie have been enhanced, for a more classic approach, but focus exclusively on competition. To replace that fact, this year Codemasters focused on conveying the driver’s experience on and off the track. To do this, he created an entire class called F1Life, A kind of social room, where we show the community our trophies, the supercars we’ve achieved, as well as our personal chauffeur through various clothing accessories, helmets and uniforms.

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The microeconomics of the game that does not affect our performance is used to obtain cosmetic accessoriesAnd here comes the microeconomics of the game, which although it does not affect our racing performance, has its own currency to get all the cosmetic accessories included in the game. Not only can they be obtained through the in-game store, but, fortunately, challenges and a level system have also been created that reward us with some of these things. Of them all, perhaps the most interesting one is to get it supercars This can only be achieved by shooting on the track and competing in it Pirelli Fast Lap TIME Trials: A series of time-based competitions or challenges that continue to serve as small mini-games for the use of this collection of cars that cannot be purchased through the store. Unfortunately, its on-track behavior is not as improved as that of single-seaters; Although to be expected, it is still an imprecise experience in which the cars behave less realistically.

Perhaps among the novelties I wanted to find more options on the ground Online, Everything remains the same, with a split screen, welcome online options, and a matchmaking system that hasn’t changed much. It will be interesting to see what they can do in Codemasters, especially since they are now under the umbrella EAwith a more professional type and tough competition, with more competitive tournaments and events.

Feelings at the foot of the track

On the track, we also find some novelties in the form of new circles, such as Miami International Motorcycle Road, A very welcome path as it is located in the city center on a complex nineteen-corner circuit with three DRS areas. There was also time for Update some circuits which needed a fine-tuning to adapt more to the real ones, such as the Catalunya Circle, which now has its own updated curves and layouts. The same is true of the Australian Grand Prix and the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi. The position of the walls and external parts was changed using photogrammetry techniques, correcting many of its curves or removing the yas bends, for example, before the hairpin. on the other side, sprint races is the new way to get the pole. These events only occur at certain moments of the season for qualifications that rank the starting grid in the F1 competition itself and that allow the traditional formula for determining starting positions in each championship to be changed.

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F1 22 PS5

Another touching point was Artificial intelligence from competitors. In a game as accurate as F1, opponents must have a more precise response, adapting to the changing conditions of the track and the behavior of both the player and other vehicles. Therefore, there are two types of Adaptive AI: Normal level adapts to the level of difficulty and reacts to the player’s behavior; And a complete one, more accessible and similarly applied to all opponents to react to the player’s position and adapt his speed and ferocity to our style of play.

I’ve noticed all of these changes on the track, and they allow for defensive maneuvers to maintain position, as well as respect for lines when you win the game in and out of the circuit. It’s not perfect, and on some occasions they crashed us, ruining our race, noting how particularly aggressive the drivers are, perhaps to emulate these changes in the real championship again, looking for excitement and a bigger change of attitude during the race. There is a choice of the past, although you must be careful when touching it, because it displaces your location and can leave you in a loop of accidents that are impossible to solve.

F1 22

All the great sensations of the franchise are always here againThe Driving sensations It’s still pretty good, for now, yes, when you tweak the accessibility options and remove the good help set that the game comes with even on normal difficulty mode. Line, brakes, steering, traction assist and a lot of options that, although they can be used for most beginners, don’t allow you to get the feel and check the power of these racing cars, with which you must have a lot of sensitivity on the pedal, which in turn allows dangerous lines Really that’s where one realizes the maneuverability of these vehicles is when attacking and releasing curves. All these great sensations of the franchise are always here again and you will have to remove as many assists as possible to capture even the most subtle response of the car and wheel physics.

In the graphic look The truth is that F1 22 is probably not the most exciting game, even in its new version. The circuits have been recreated in great detail as well as the individual seats, but it’s in the environments, weather and light conditions where the game doesn’t “look” as much as it should. It is especially noticeable in moments of rain that it does not finish representing the drops in a realistic way as we have seen in other driving games nor on the asphalt.

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F1 22 PS5

However, its specifications leave a better taste in the mouth, because, like the previous version, there are two modes based on frame rate and both are delightful, taking advantage of the new features of Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. Thus, we can choose the 4K60 mode, which remains very stable and also at high frame rates of 120 fps at a resolution of 1440p. However, Ray Tracing will only be available during cuts and replays and not in a race.

On the other hand, the version computer He who will benefit the most (at least for the time being) from Virtual Reality, Because it’s the only helmet compatible and a great many of them are: Valve Index, Oculus Quest 2 + Cable Link, Oculus Rift S, HTC Vive, HTC Vive Cosmos. It’s the first time we’ve been enjoying this saga in virtual reality. And how does DualSense behave in the PS5 version? Although the game uses the control vibration and stimuli, as well as the control amplifier, the truth is that the experience, although good, cannot be compared to what the Gran Turismo 7 console expresses, for example, with greater sensitivity and response to stimuli adaptive;

F1 22

F1 22 continues its evolutionary path and rises to the podium of this discipline thanks to its changesF1 22 continues its evolutionary path and ascends to the podium of this discipline thanks to its changes which, often, are not the ones that are so much appreciated in plain sight as in their feel in the controls, with updated physics, the perfection of updated circuits and also through What you hear, since the cars sound really good and both are from the teams’ comments, the dynamic music has been re-recorded on the track and something typical of EA the franchise now has has been added: a selection of licensed songs. Some of the novelties may be more tailored to a particular group of players, such as everything related to F1 Life, accessories and supercars we can get, but that doesn’t mean that the important thing is to forget: to provide a competitive experience complete and accurate.

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