The medical profession will have an annual adjustment cycle

Tuesday 17 May 2022


The profession of medicine that will be taught in Catamarca in the future will have an annual medical settlement course similar to other universities, such as the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), where the student enters their career in this way.
A few days ago, the first meeting of the Committee for the creation, implementation and dictation of the medical profession took place at the National University of Catamarca (UNCA), in order to further progress in the professional profile and in planning a studies.

“In these two months we want to present the project to the Supreme Council so that the medical profession in Catamarca will be approved. This committee will meet weekly. The idea is to move as quickly as possible; we know it is a need and a requirement of the Catamarcan community,” said Claudia Palladino, professor at the Faculty of Health Sciences.

In addition, expect the profession to have an annual medical adjustment course similar to other universities, such as UBA, as the student enters their career in this way. “Today we are identifying several issues, it was a very fruitful meeting and the idea is to move forward with more technical work. With the draft of the project, we will invite other actors, such as the Medical Association of Catamarca, so that they contribute their ideas and in this way a study plan is as rich as possible with a file Definition of the doctor that Catamarca needs, not only in the medium term but in the long term.

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Health Minister Manuela Avila, in turn, emphasized that the province contributes to “knowledge of the health system and its needs for training doctors.” “It’s the first meeting of the committee in our province, and I’ve already had meetings in Tucuman with the medical school advisory team at the National University of Tucuman.”

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