A girl missing in the woods uses her dog as a pillow and is found safe

Girl found in Michigan woods with her dog as a pillow (picture info)

The disappearance of a two-year-old girl Michigan She was found safe in the woods accompanied by her family’s two dogs. Thea Chase is found Sleeping on a wooded roadMore than 4.8 km from his home, after about five hours of intense searching.

Thea’s mother, Brooke Chase, notified authorities after neither her daughter nor the dogs surrounding her home were found. Michigan State Police and the Menominee County Sheriff’s Office participated in the search, which established a Search network and requested assistance from drones And search and rescue teams. According to reports, the local community also joined the efforts to find the girl. WSFA.

A springer spaniel served as a pillow for a missing girl (illustration)
A springer spaniel served as a pillow for a missing girl (illustration)

Thea is eventually found by an ATV driver.. dogs, a Rottweiler Named owner And a springer spaniel Named HartleyAnd they were with her. Buddy was standing next to Thea, while… Hartley served as a pillow for the sleeping girl. “I’m grateful for the dogs that were with her.” Brooke Chase said. The magazine reported that despite walking more than three miles barefoot, Thea did not suffer from any scratches on her feet. the people.

Thea’s uncle was doing laundry at the time of the disappearance. He had asked the girl to enter the house to put on shoes, but she and the dogs disappeared. “My gut told me to go check on Thea and make sure she wasn’t getting into trouble,” Brooke Chase recalled. WSFA.

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The search was large-scale and included volunteers and agencies from surrounding counties. “Initial search efforts when something like this happens are directed to where police dogs are deployed. We want to keep the scent as fresh as possible for them for as long as possible,” said Lt. Jeremy Hausworth, commander of the Michigan State Police Iron Mountain Post.

Brooke Chase expressed her gratitude to everyone involved in the research. “I just want to thank everyone who was here to help find her,” he said. Now, two days after the incident, Brooke Chase said she still feels like she’s living in a movie. He’s happy to have Thea back home with him Buddy and Hartley.

(Sources: WSFA, CNN, People)

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