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Story of the Ana dos Santos Cruz, a 23-year-old Brazilian girl who looks like she’s part of a fairy tale. One day, Anna was searching the trash for food when a stroke of luck drastically changed her life. But it was not so simple, he had to pass an exam to get his award. He had to act honest, as he did, and his story went viral on social media. This is how the young woman rose to fame as a model.

Anna’s life was not easy. Her boyfriend fell into prison and she was left alone with her son. Since the young woman was the sole breadwinner in her house and had no other resources, she had to start collecting trash to take some food home.

As it happened daily, the woman would go through the litter to feed her three-year-old son until, among the litter, He found a damaged wallet containing checks. These papers were addressed to the Barrettos Oncology Hospital in Brazil and were valued at $52,000.

The young woman had an honest disposition He decided to return what he found to whoever was. This is how he went to the hospital indicated in the checks. The manager of the place who got the values ​​couldn’t believe what was happening because it was a lot of money and it was in the wallet that had been stolen days before. They check that the checks have not been cashed.

Brazilian model transformation, Ana dos Santos.

The story was completed when he learned it was a check issued by someone who decided to donate the money weeks ago, but after an assault the papers ended up in the trash.

Very grateful to Anna’s position, the doctor decided to tell what happened in the media. In the wake of history, Journalists searched for the young mother and noticed that she had an amazing beauty. Then, A national channel called Anna to edit it. The young woman accepted the offer.

A few days later, the Brazilian appeared on the podium of the television program that was broadcast live. The result was overwhelming as it dazzled the audience. With her angular face, very tall, brunette with brown eyes, straight dark brown hair, and an incredible smile, Santos Cruz went viral and started being sought after by various agencies after appearing on screen.

The young woman got a job as a model in an agency and became one of the most sought after. She herself indicated that, with the same money she earns from her new job, she plans to start a university career in nursing school to give her son a better life..

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