A flight attendant revealed the hidden reason behind greeting passengers when they board the plane

a Air hostess He explained, through a video clip, What is the ulterior motive behind the friendly greeting? She and her colleagues They do it to passengers every time they board the plane. The story attracted the attention of millions of people.

The factor in question is called Rania She is a young woman Egypt Who currently resides in Austria. She is an employee of a European low-cost airline, and is committed to presenting across networks Everyday experiences His profession.

This time, the woman used her influence on TikTok, and she did just that More than 500,000 followers-L. “Did you know that flight attendants greeting passengers is not just a matter of friendliness?“,” he warned others.

The reason for the friendly welcome during the welcome on board

Then Rania revealed that the flight attendants Make use of the initial salutation -Hence the eye contact- for Check the general condition of the passengerThat's by saying, Whether they are eligible to travel or not.

“We are doing this to check if there is Too sick to fly or under the influence of substancesThe woman said. In addition, the cabin crew monitors, at that moment, whether people need any kind of special assistance during the flight or not.

an idea. The young woman shared a video clip on her private networks. Photo: Capture/@itsmekikooooo.

On the other hand, Rania noted that they are also paying attention.

Hostess video added More than 10 million views On his Tik Tok account. “I once had to take a breathalyzer test after telling the flight attendant 'Good afternoon' When he greeted me (Explanation: It was actually daytime, he was confused). And in the end I was sober, I didn't take anythingsaid one user.

Situation. Millions of people watched the host's interpretation. Photo: capture/@itsmekikooooo.

In the same vein, another internet user shared a story: “I stress that flight attendants are looking for someone to help In case of emergency. Once, during a plane ride home, a passenger had a medical problem and I was able to help him. I am a nurse”.

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