We didn't understand anything when it was introduced, but we've been following it closely for a year. Phantom Blade Zero has a new trailer revealing its gameplay – Phantom Blade 0

To say it was the biggest surprise of the year doesn't even do justice to its achievements In the world. Survival, automation and collectible creatures video game developed by Pocket pair It exceeded the most optimistic expectations, becoming one of the biggest hits in the sector's history. But six months later, his situation was completely different. The number of players has been reduced to an all-time low, which, although still very high considering the game's budget (nearly 30,000 users at the best time last week on Steam alone) clearly indicates He wears Because of the lack of news. Regarding this, we have good news: the game has appeared on Summer Games Festival 2024 To put Release date for its first major update.

The new Palworld update already has a release date

trailer Phantom Blade Zero The only problem with the video game's debut last year was that it presented an image that was difficult to explain about playability. This time, however, the game was developed by S game Show a more readable image. The action remains very fast-paced and remarkably bloody, but everything points to controlled madness Real-time collections that are combined with Quick Time Events. The footage also revealed that there was room for dribbling and dodging, which really took us into familiar territory.

The only negative we can offer for the video game's appearance at Summer Game Fest 2024 is that It did not arrive with a release date. Instead, the developers announced a “world tour.” The game will be present at various exhibitions throughout the summer, where attendees will be able to try it out. In addition to this summer gaming festival, it has a presence at ChinaJoy (Shanghai, July 26-29), GamesCom (Cologne, August 21-25), and Tokyo Game Show (Tokyo, September 28-29).

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It's time to keep an eye on Phantom Blade Zero in the future. The game looks very interesting, though It seems difficult to trust a launch in 2024, it doesn't seem as far away as other big releases. Maybe we'll get lucky at some of the conferences that will be held over the next few months.

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