He saw a peddler in the rain, invited him to his house and something unexpected happened

The story of a salesman who was seeking shelter from the pouring rain on a street in Cartagoin North Cauca ValleyDifferent opinions are born. A man recorded it when he was on the street, under the roof of a house, a few meters from a sidewalk.

the man He invited him to his house and gave him a cup of coffee to listen to his story. The ice cream seller, completely soaked by the rain, was wiping the water away.

The neighbor gave him a towel and coffee. They talk and while they are talking, the ice cream man tells him that he makes a little money and a lot of it goes to whoever owns the cart.

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He cried and received a gesture that changed his day

The man recorded this meeting and some criticized him for doing so. There were also those who questioned the veracity of this whole story, because the video was edited and also had background music.

but, There are those who suggest that a vendor has been seen serving ice cream on the streets of Cartago. “Do you know who’s wet in that corner? It’s a person and we don’t even know what problems he has and what he needs. But I’ll call him and bring him to my house,” said the neighbor on the shoot.

The seller came and In the recording, he was seen shy for sitting in this stranger’s house. I say to those people who have a good economic situation, to appreciate the people who are fighting for it. The neighbor said: Let’s appreciate a little.

By this, he made it clear that if someone has a good economic standing, he should help those who seek administration support their families.

“I ask people to help me,” said the ice cream man, referring to their daily need to buy his products.

The seller was initially recorded from a distance (Photo: video recording)

The worker is separated from the apartment when he receives money as a gift to celebrate his young daughter’s birthday. According to his account in the recording, it is a 3-year-old girl. The neighbor said to her, “Enjoy it, and bring her the details.”

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