A cinnamon ritual performed on the first day of every month to invite abundance

Cinnamon comes from the bark of a tropical tree called cassia, native to Sri Lanka. It is an aromatic species that, in addition to a very distinctive fragrance, has multiple properties. Even esoteric, it is attributed to protective powers, attracting money, luck and passion.

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Cinnamon is essential for rituals on the first day of the month.

In ancient times, cinnamon was a common offering to gods such as Aphrodite in Greece, Venus in Rome or Isis in Egypt. Those who believe in its power claim that burning cinnamon helps eliminate “bad waves” and heavy energies that accumulate in our homes or workplaces.

In addition, Feng Shui confirms that cinnamon can help improve the energy of different spaces. And attract prosperity, as explained in an article on eltiempo.com.

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How to do a cinnamon ritual on the first day of every month to attract money

  • First we should add a little cinnamon powder In the palm of our right hand.
  • Then we have to go to our doorOr an office or a workplace, and before we blow it, we must say this phrase with great faith: “When I blow this cinnamon, prosperity will penetrate here. When you blow that cinnamon, abundance will come to stay. When you blow this cinnamon, abundance will live here.”
  • After praying, we blow cinnamon from outside into the house Or the workplace, while we imagine ourselves obtaining the prosperity and success we desire and deserve.
  • We leave the cinnamon on the ground for 24 hours Then we can clean it.

What is a cinnamon ritual to attract love?

If we want cinnamon to help us improve our relationship, we can put a twig under the pillow; Every morning we light cinnamon incense in the room and then always open the window, even for a few minutes, to replenish energy.

If what we want is to get over someone, we place a photo (or a piece of white paper with the name on it) of the person tied to a cinnamon stick with a rolled ribbon.Or pink and we kept it in a drawer in our room. When the wish is fulfilled, we burn the cinnamon stick.

If we do not know who we want to seduce, we do the same thing, but instead of a picture, we write the following phrase on a white sheet of paper: “I want and deserve to be in love. I want and deserve good love to come into my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

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