He's Argentinian, went to the United States and showed on TikTok what a college party looks like

The Argentine young man who He went to the United States and joined a college party He was shocked to see what it really was like. Lautaro is dedicated to sharing his work social networks The humorous content and trips he takes.

The video was posted under the user @laupapalardo On the platform Tik Tok. “Of course, I totally fooled myself, I thought it was going to be, I don't know, the orgasm, the project Can't control it until dawn, but no“, he commented.

“Of course, I totally fooled myself into thinking it was going to be, I don't know, trance, a project (Video: TikTok/@laupapalardo)

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The first thing that caught his attention was that at one o'clock in the morning, some young men were already returning to their homes while he had just arrived at the place. “At that time, in Argentina we started previewing“he added.

On the other hand, one of the things he loved the least was music. “Moreover, no one dances, talks or plays the little game of glass.“, expressed. Moreover, Lautaro said that there were many men and only three women.

“Besides, no one is dancing, talking, or playing the little glass game.” (Photo: TikTok/@laupapalardo)

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“The police came down twice. I don’t know why, if the music wasn’t that loud. They came and went,” he said in surprise. Finally the influencer said it. Americans are weird Since the university students in the place where he was staying did not welcome him, they lowered their heads and ran away to lock themselves in their rooms.

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published diffuse It exceeded 900 thousand views and 100 thousand likes. People left their opinion in the comments. “And where do they get movie ideas from? What a disappointment,” wrote one user. Another user responded: “This confirms that the most boring in Argentina is the most fun in the United States.”

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