7 unknown Gmail features that save a lot of time

gmail. (Photo: NewEsc)

according to The GoogleAnd the gmail It will be a smarter platform in the future and many functions can be implemented without leaving the app or website. However, despite his tools, Few users know the basic and useful functions.

Next, Infobae 7 brings the most popular basic Gmail functions and how users can take advantage of them to save time in their daily tasks:

1. Postal scheduling

Gmail has a tool that allows you to write an email and schedule it to be sent later in the day or on another date.

To take advantage of this option, mail must be written as usual, and before it is sent, into a file mobile version You have to press three points in the upper right margin, then select Shipment Scheduling.

In the case of the desktop version, the arrow next to the button is pressed. ‘send’ which is located in the lower left margin and you also choose Shipping Scheduling. In either case, a list of options will be displayed where you simply have to choose the date and time you want the mail to be sent.

Schedule email delivery in Gmail.  (Photo: ComputerHoy)
Schedule email delivery in Gmail. (Photo: ComputerHoy)

2. Confidentiality in emails

secret mode Active in the sending process self-destructing messages in gmail This mode allows you to create messages that self-destruct after a while and also allows you to create a password to access the content, if desired.

The tool is available in both iOS also Android As is the case in Website version. To activate the function, you must do the following:

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1. In Gmail, click the button Writes that appears in the upper-right corner of your screen.

2. Click on the icon a lock, that appears in the options bar below the configured email message.

3. A small window opens with new options for the activated mode. I know You can set a minimum term of 1 week and a maximum of 5 years. After that, the email disappears from the contacts inbox.

4. In addition, you can add a file The password An access code that requires the recipient of the email to enter the text code that accesses cell phone. Finally, the . button is pressed ‘Memorizes’ The process is over.

Gmail confidential mode.  (Photo: Spanish)
Gmail confidential mode. (Photo: Spanish)

3. Undo sending a message

This option gives the user a few seconds so that after submitting the content they can repent and undo the action.

Bottom left, it will be next to “Message sent” The options “View message” or “Undo”. You have to click on this last alternative so that the content does not reach the recipient.

By default, the regret time is 5 seconds after sending. However, from the settings, you can extend this limit to 10, 20 or 30 seconds.

4. Mail Filter

The service has advanced search tools so that emails can be filtered based on subject, keyword, weight, or date, among other variables.

To take advantage of this option, press Arrow Which is to search above all emails and choose the required parameters.

Gmail allows advanced email search.
Gmail allows advanced email search.

5. Use a light version

If the connection is slow, you can activate the HTML version, which consumes fewer resources and loads more easily.

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To go to this option You have to enter over here.

6. Automated responses

Automatic replies can be useful when you receive many emails and want to notify the recipient that the message has been seen and then you will respond accurately. It can also be used when a person is on vacation or vacation.

To take advantage of this alternative, you must log in Adjust Then select the option Auto answer.

Once activated, you have to indicate the dates you will be out and add a custom message.

Gmail Auto Reply Settings
Gmail Auto Reply Settings

7. Create stickers

Labels allow you to categorize email messages so that you can see them in a more organized way. To create new files, you have to go to Configuration and Option ‘attachments’ Choose the alternative that says Create Labels.

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