6 simple tweaks to restore lost speed and make the phone “fly”

Android mobile phones or Years ago, the iPhone managed to surpass the power of a standard computer. But unlike computers, smartphones are devices that bundle apps, photos, videos, and files. start to slow down. until the battery running out faster. But all is not lost: with some Minor “adjustments”. It’s possible Restore lost speed and performance.

To take care of the smartphone case, in principle, experts agree on several recommendations. For example, Restart it from time to timeGet used to doing to supportand avoid downloading large files and Get rid of apps unused.

Although the latest Android models are much faster than they were years ago, it is still possible Increase your fluency And performance just by following any of those Very simple instructions.

Activate the virtual RAM

Virtual RAM in Motorola Edge 20 Pro.

A large number of mid-range and premium devices released in recent years have been made by Samsung, Motorola, Oppo, Xiaomi and RealmeAmong other things, it has an option called Virtual RAM, which uses the internal storage space to add it to RAM and increase performance.

This “trick” can give your smartphone some breathing room when you’re doing heavy multitasking, i.e. using several resource-demanding apps at the same time.

To activate it, you just have to look for this configuration in the mobile settings app and make sure that you have enough free space in the internal storage, regardless of whether you have a microSD card or not.

It should be borne in mind that RAM is a type of memory that is faster than the internal memory, so it will not offer the same experience as if the phone already had more RAM.

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Activate the automatic refresh rate

Samsung Galaxy cell phone screen refresh rate.  filming.
Samsung Galaxy cell phone screen refresh rate. filming.

Many screens of the latest generation of mobile phones stand out for incorporating technology to improve them Content view.

This is measured according to Refresh rate, or the number of still images that appear on the screen in one second. Therefore, the higher the refresh rate, the smoother and more fluid the videos and display movements are.

Scaling above 60Hz (Hz) enables standardization on Android devices, no matter how cheap. Therefore, the most natural thing is that the monitor has a rate greater than this figure.

The best thing a user can do to improve image smoothness is to adjust this value by going to the configuration or display settings and setting the refresh rate value to The highest possible number (90, 120 or 144 Hz).

Another option is to configure this function directly in “Auto Mode”, which will change according to your usage experience with a cell phone, whether that’s browsing a news website or playing a demanding video game like League of Legends Wild Rift.

Free up storage space

Free up storage space on your Xiaomi cell phone.
Free up storage space on your Xiaomi cell phone.

You might be used to running out of storage space if you have an old phone. Google itself is aware that phones running their own Android operating system can experience performance issues with less than 10% of available storage space. So keeping unused storage around 20% is a better option.

In case there is a full storage capacity, you will have to enter “Battery and device care” on your Samsung phone. To be able to do this on a Motorola, you have to enter the “Files” application and press the “Clean” button in the segment where you see more than a gigabyte used. Meanwhile, on Xiaomi, you will have to access Settings and About Phone.

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Remove unused apps

Files by Google, the free app to easily delete unused apps.  Image: Google Play.
Files by Google, the free app to easily delete unused apps. Image: Google Play.

Another recommendation is to get rid of unused apps, delete photos, and clean up hidden files.

In the case of Chinese Xiaomi phones It is not enough to empty the Recycle Binbecause in the root directory for storage is called a folder “_protected_image” Which we can delete manually and thus get a little more storage space.

For those looking for the simplest and fastest option, you can download the app google files Which is used to clear app cache, large files and junk media files.

If there are a lot of photos or videos on your phone, it’s better to use part of the free 15GB cloud storage and upload everything to your account. Google Images. In this way, you will be able to free up space and remove duplicate content on the device.

Download “light” apps

Instagram Lite is one of many lightweight apps that improve cell phone performance.  Image: shutterstock
Instagram Lite is one of many lightweight apps that improve cell phone performance. Image: shutterstock

Google made a decision in 2017 to focus on developing exclusive apps for low-cost phones, with little RAM and limited storage, all under the name “Go”.

Lite version apps have reduced version options and consume less resources than their full counterparts.

Over the years, this initiative has been taken up by other developers who have started offering Lite or Go versions of their most popular apps, such as Facebook Lite, Instagram Lite, Gmail Go, Messenger Lite, Google Maps Go, Twitter Go or even Spotify Lite. . Good options to improve phone performance.

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Restart the cell phone

As good an excuse as it sounds to get rid of a problem, Restarting the device should always be the first course of action When the phone suddenly slows down, and without previous problems.

Android’s memory management system is one of its standout features, and most phones today have enough RAM. But for budget phones with 3GB or 4GB of RAM or less, choosing to reset it will usually improve overall performance.

Indeed, specialists We recommend that you restart the phone at least once a week. But if it’s slow between reboots, increase the frequency every couple of days.


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