Video: The James Webb Telescope was captured traveling at full speed through space


7 ene 2022 01:09 GMT

The device was put into orbit on December 25 and is expected to reach 1.5 million kilometers from Earth.

The Observatory of the University of Hertfordshire (UK) captured this Wednesday the James Webb Telescope traveling at full speed through space, and Video It was posted on his YouTube channel.

Via Twitter Agency to explain You can do it right below James Webb See Asteroid (35452) 1998 DF10who travels in the same direction. moreover, Hinge That in the same recording you can see the planet (97743) 2000 HQ42 in the upper right corner.

Later, the British Observatory Indian The intermittent brightness that can be easily seen in the images may arise from the reflections of the massive sunvisors displayed by the space telescope.

On December 25, NASA Put it into orbit James Webb, which will allow astronomers to see space with new eyes and reach previously inaccessible corners of the universe. It is expected to reach 1.5 million km from Earth.

The scientific community hopes that the new space telescope, the largest, most expensive and most powerful in history, will contribute to this Highlight About the secrets of our solar system and clarify the unknown about the structure and the origin of the universe.

From Mars to the most distant galaxies, James Webb will bring us closer to other worlds, becoming a kind of time machine to fill important gaps in science and answer questions about how the first stars and galaxies formed, how black holes influence the formation of the universe or how to study undetectable dark matter and identify Whether they existed in the early eons of the universe.

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