3 ways your cloud information can be lost or stolen

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A few days ago, Microsoft presented what will be the next operating system, Windows 365, whose main characteristics are that it is a purely online program, that is, that operates natively in the cloud for this company.

Presenting this new platform, Microsoft explained: “Windows 365 combines the power and security of the cloud with the versatility and simplicity of a PC to improve the speed and productivity of teams and organizations.”

Now, this new product added to Microsoft’s catalog has people talking about a problem that worries developers and users: The security that the cloud can offer as a central file storage system.

Image: Windows 365
Image: Windows 365

Today there are countless services in the cloud, with systems in place Mega, Dropbox or Google Drive Some of the most famous. However, even being part of well-known companies, even the most secure cloud can present protocol problems if not handled carefully.

For this reason, Infobae provides a list of some strategies that cybercriminals can use to breach the security of the cloud and steal related information from its servers:

First of all, this is a situation in which the user does not bear any responsibility but can negatively affect him. When a data breach occurs, the server can be corrupted to allow free access to people’s personal information. There are cases where individuals and even companies have had to completely reorganize the internal security system after a leak. Hence, this is one of the protocol violations that greatly affect the enterprise private cloud.

Computer viruses (or malware) are tools for virtual criminals to take control of a device by means of malicious software that affects the internal systems of the computer. For example, there are many types of Trojans that end up taking over the hardware, Giving complete and simple access so that its creators can steal personal information from the computer or even from the cloud. Likewise, there are keyboard loggers that allow you to crack passwords for these systems easily.

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In addition, these types of tools are among the most effective as they can be “injected” into computers through an Internet connection. Thus, with 100% cloud services working in this way, a successful malware attack can lead to a huge loss of information.

08/19/2013 Malware research and technology policy Spain Europe Malware
08/19/2013 Malware research and technology policy Spain Europe Malware

The fact that an unknown person obtained the account password in the cloud is undoubtedly the beginning of the end. The cybercriminal has a clear path if he has the cloud user password since then You can make a mess of any account without fear of getting caught, or at least not easily.

For this reason, it is important not to ever provide cloud access information on untrusted computers or networks, as this can act as a gateway to account theft. Of course, It is always good to also have a secure password and this way it makes the work of hackers more difficult.

Knowing the main strategies a cybercriminal can use to steal privileged information from the cloud, you just have to use common sense to protect this data.

The first thing to do is Keep your antivirus and firewall up to date Devices to avoid as much as possible that malware can destroy them and even affect accounts hosted in the cloud.

Finally, as mentioned earlier, not logging into unsecured sites would be a good way to stay safe too Do not enter pages with questionable domains or click on links of unknown origin.

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