Cross accusations between Joe Biden and Facebook of declining vaccination rates

after one day Explicit accusations against social media President of the United States, Joe BidenThey will go around the world, Facebook social networking site Came to defend him.

While the US President has claimed that social networks are “killing people” by allowing false information about coronavirus vaccines to spread on their platforms, the social network argued that the numbers tell a different story: “Data shows that Mark Zuckerberg 85% of Facebook users in United State have been vaccinated or want to be vaccinated against Covid-19”Menlo Park mentioned in a post on the company’s blog by Vice President Jay Rosen.

“President Biden’s goal was to have 70% of Americans vaccinated by July 4. Facebook is not the reason why this goal is lost.”

Misinformation about the coronavirus pandemic has spread like wildfire on portals like Facebook, Twitter a Youtubeall over the world, especially in the United States, Where are the conspiracy theories? They always had followers. Researchers and lawmakers in the country have long accused Facebook of failing to monitor harmful content on its platforms.

Mark Zuckerberg contradicted Joe Boden. AP . photos

Biden launched his accusations at a time when he was Vaccination stopped with 50% of the population vaccinated across the country, which records some resistance to vaccines in conservative countries, where there are more followers of the former president Donald TrumpFriend of the conspirators.

company Introduced rules against making false claims specific about Covid and its vaccines, and says it provides people with reliable information on these topics.

The Delta variant of the Coronavirus is the now dominant strain worldwide في, accompanied by an increase in deaths in the United States almost entirely among unvaccinated people. Infections increased by 70% on Friday from the previous week and deaths by 26%, with outbreaks occurring in parts of the country with lower vaccination rates, as in southern states.

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Presidential Fury

“The only epidemic we have is the unvaccinated.”Biden said Friday, in comments similar to those made earlier by Dr. Rochelle Walinsky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The increase in numbers is due to significant sources of infection among the more than 90 million Americans who are authorized to vaccinate, but who have not yet done so. Four states with low vaccination rates They made up 40% of the new cases last week, about half of whom came from Florida.

However, there is little desire in the White House to reimpose broad mandates for masks or other measures, Since 161 million Americans have been fully vaccinated.

The government’s new expression of frustration comes amid near-disbelief that tens of millions of Americans continue to refuse vaccination, Which unnecessarily prolongs the epidemic And it’s costing lives, with health officials stressing that nearly all serious cases and deaths are now preventable.

More than 99% of deaths For COVID-19, 97% of hospitalizations occur among people who have not been vaccinated, according to the CDC.

The epidemic is now “which mostly threatens unvaccinated people”, White House coordinator on COVID-19 Jeff Zents said Friday.

Biden administration said We anticipate an increase in cases in the coming weeks Because of its prevalence in societies with low vaccination rates. However, Zents added that there is an indication that the increase in cases is prompting more people in those communities to seek the vaccine, noting that “countries with the highest infection rates are seeing their vaccination rates rise faster than the national average.

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Source: La Vanguardia, AFP, AP


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