Stormy Daniels Brought Onstage At Rapper YG Concert

Stormy Daniels came onstage at YG's concert at Camp Flog Gnaw to kick off the song "F**k Donald Trump." (Twitter)

Porn star Stormy Daniels appeared onstage at a YG concert to kick off playing his hit song “F**k Donald Trump!” The moment was captured and spread on Twitter. Watch below.

Stormy Daniels has remained a defiant Trump critic after her court battle with the President last year. (Twitter)
YG brought Stormy Daniels out on stage to begin his song in a canned moment to begin his song.
The song he played was “F**k Donald Trump” that gained fame in 2016.

YG, also known as Keenon Daequan Jackson, performed at Camp Flog Gnaw, a concert series put on by fellow rapper Tyler, The Creator, and brought out the adult entertainer to begin the song titled “F*** Donald Trump.”

Daniels quickly shared the video on Twitter Monday. It was captioned, “So. This happened tonight.”

The set up for the gag seemed staged as YG brought out Daniels and asked her, “I want you to say your name and say F**k Donald Trump.”

The rapper brought out Daniels and said “I want you to say your name and say F**k Donald Trump.”

Daniels grabbed the microphone to say, “My name is Stormy f***ing Daniels and I am the reason Donald Trump is f***ed.”

YG then continued what looked like a planned charade asked Daniels, “Wait, wait, wait you’re Stormy Daniels?”

She roared in response, “I’m Stormy f****ing Daniels.”

Photos came on the jumbotron showing Trump and Daniels together in a move betraying how staged the event really was.

Daniels has been an outspoken critic of the president, and last December, a judge ordered the stripper and porn star to pay Trump almost $300,000 in legal fees after her lawsuit was dismissed.

Rapper YG released his hit song “F*** Donald Trump” in 2016 during the election season. Last month, PEN Media reported that YG attacked his own fan on Saturday after accusing him of supporting President Donald Trump on stage.

YG was performing at the Mala Luna Music Festival in Texas when he brought a young fan up on stage. The rapper said he noticed the fan didn’t participate in his “F** Trump” song and wanted him to rebuke the President to the crowd.

YG said: “I spotted you in the crowd, I asked if you f**k with Donald Trump. You said, ‘You don’t know.’ So since you don’t know, I need you to make up your mind tonight.”

Rapper YG scolds fan for being a Trump Supporter
Rapper YG scolds fan for being a Trump Supporter

The man refused to disparage the President and YG kicked him out of show.

“No you won’t? Get his a** out of here, get him off stage! F**k up on out of here,” YG said.

YG kept blasting the guy: “Don’t come to a muthaf***kin’ show with YG on the muthaf***in’ bill if you a Donald Trump supporter – f*** are you doing? Don’t let his a** back in the crowd. Tell him YG said so!”


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