Sara Sotak Talks Jeffrey Epstein Cover Up, Mexico Massacre, and Emma Watson

Sara Sotak Talks Jeffrey Epstein Cover Up, Mexico Massacre, and Emma Watson

In Today on Twitter I, Sara Sotak, talk about today’s Twitter trends including the Jeffrey Epstein Cover up, Emma Watson’s new relationship status, and the massacre of an American family in Mexico.

I start off by addressing the newest relationship trend. Pioneered by “visionary” Emma Watson, people can now choose to be “self-partnered,” rather than being single. You can thank her for this new excuse at the thanksgiving dinner table.

After this, we dive right into Nancy Pelosi’s newest sanctuary for illegals: her front lawn! Conservative activist Laura Loomer jumped the fence onto Pelosi’s private estate with some of her amigos and set up a tent right on the front lawn. It fits right in with the dogma that the Speaker of the House spouts, but I wonder how long that lasted? My guess is that Pelosi contacted law enforcement within minutes, but clearly “we don’t need a wall.”

After all of the fun and games I jump onto the more serious topics of the day the Jeffrey Epstein cover up. Media watchdogs Project Veritas released a hot mic video from inside the ABC Newsroom from August of this year. In the clip, ABC anchor Amy Robach vents her anger and frustration that her Epstein story had been stolen. Robach had investigated Epstein and prepared a tell-all story in 2015, but had been shot down consistently by the network because of possible retaliation from the British Crown and the Clintons.

Finally, I talk about the harrowing massacre of American citizens in Mexico by cartel members. This garnered significant attention, even getting a response from President Trump, but international relations have stunted all efforts to bring the criminals to justice. The President reached out to the President of Mexico to no avail. This truly shows not only the true priorities of Mexico, but also the control that the cartels have over our southern neighbor.

Hi, I am Sara Sotak! I am a young Conservative content creator who immigrated from “socialist” Denmark in 2018. I’ve come full circle from being an activist Anarchist Leftist; it has given me true perspective on the dangers these ideologies possess! I love America and the values it was built upon. My mission is to fight for the constitutional freedoms of this country!

I am a daughter of Iranian immigrants to Denmark and mother to a wonderful son. You can find me on most platforms at SaraSotak.

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