Secretary Ben Carson Says Black Republicans are not “Uncle Tom”

Ben Carson says black Trump supporters are not "Uncle Tom"
Ben Carson says black Trump supporters are not "Uncle Tom"

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Ben Carson announced Trump-supporting black voters are not “Uncle Tom” simply for being a black conservative.

HUD Secretary Carson was speaking at the Blacks for Trump event in Atlanta when he declared, “Today they say if you are a conservative you’re somehow an Uncle Tom, you’re a horrible person. You are a demon. What a bunch of crap.”

Dr. Carson continued:

“I only care about what God thinks.”

Secretary Carson then said definitively: “It’s time to put a stop to it!”

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Ben Carson, a world-renowned brain surgeon, was speaking about the classic literary piece Uncle Tom’s cabin.

In Uncle Tom’s cabin, the primary character Uncle Tom is a slave who often dutiful his white masters over his fellow slaves despite his struggles. However, by the end of the novel, Uncle Tom finds faith in God and becomes determined to help his fellow slaves.

When he refuses his master Legree’s orders to whip another slave, he is brutally beaten. He then helps a slave mother and her child escape the plantation, for which he is beaten to death just moments before someone shows up to buy his freedom.

The story of Uncle Tom’s Cabin was considered a major part of history as it helped humanize slaves to many other Americans and led to the Abolitionist movement headed by Abraham Lincoln.

Ben Carson Warns America About the dangers of Political Correctness
Ben Carson Warns America About the dangers of Political Correctness

When Abraham Lincoln met Harriet Stowe, the author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, during the Civil War, he declared, “So this is the little lady who started this great war.”

In modern times, people of all races on the left tend to use the term “Uncle Tom” as a disparaging term to refer to black people who vote for Republicans. They are trying to imply that they are “faithful to their white masters” like Tom was throughout much of the book.

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Dr. Ben Carson is often insulted as an Uncle Tom and other horrible insults for his support of Donald Trump and his general conservative values.

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