McConnell Coaches Trump On Getting Republican Senators To Vote Against Impeachment

Mitch Mcconnell
Mitch McConnell coached Trump to do two things to avoid removal from office, says Ed Henry.

Fox News contributor Ed Henry announced recently that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has been giving President Donald Trump pointers on how to gain votes in the Republican held Senate.

Ed Henry discusses McConnell’s tactics to help Trump in the Senate.

Ed Henry said that McConnell told Trump the following two things to do to avoid removal from office in the Senate.

1. “Stop talking about Ukraine.”

2. “Do not attack individual Senators they are going to take this very seriously as jurors. You did it a little bit with Mitt Romney, but don’t do it with the others, because if you attack them, they will dig in and you are going to need them in the end.”

Ed Henry said McConnell told Trump, “If you basically do those things then you are going to survive our trial.”

It is not known if Romney would support Trump in an removal from office trial in the Senate after articles of impeachment drafted in the house. (Wikimedia Commons)

On September 30, Mitch McConnell told the press that he would have no choice but to take up impeachment charges against the President if it was brought to the Senate.

“Under the Senate rules we’re required to take it up … I would have no choice but to take it up. How long we’re on it is a whole different matter,” said McConnell.

“How long you are on it is a different matter, but I would have no choice but to take it up based on a Senate rule on impeachment,” McConnell continued.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the beginning of the impeachment inquiry into Trump amid scrutiny into the Trump and Ukrainian president phone call.

The House Intelligence Committee’s investigation could lead to a chamber vote to impeach the President. If the House impeaches, the RepublicanSenate would then be forced to hold a trial on convicting Trump and removing him from office.

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