Trump Offers Military Assistance To Defeat Mexican Cartels

Trump and Obrador
Trump offered to send U.S. military to Mexico after the slaying of 9 Americans. The Mexican president quickly responded. (ABC / Twitter )

Nine Americans including six children were killed in a cartel ambush on Monday in Mexico. Family members of the victims told CBS News that the FBI is now part of the investigation into the attack from the Mexican drug cartel.

Family members of the victims told CBS News that the FBI is investigating the attack that is believed have been perpetrated by a Mexican drug cartel.

At least three American mothers and six children from a Mormon community in northern Mexico have been killed in an attack blamed on a drug cartel. Maria Rhonita Miller was killed along with her six-month-old twins, Titus and Tiana (left and right), her 10-year-old daughter Krystal (left) and 12-year-old son Howard (center) 

A flat tire may have put the three American mormon mothers and their children in the crossfire of a drug cartel. They were ambushed by cartel gunman on a dirt road on the border of the Mexican state of Sonora on Monday. They were driving in a convoy of three SUV’s.

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One of the SUV’s had a flat tire on the dirt road, said relatives to Daily Mail.

A video surfaced shortly after the reports showing a burned out SUV. Warning it may be graphic.

President Trump then offered to give the Mexican government military assistance to clean out the cartel “armies” in northern Mexico.

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Mexican President Andrews Manuel Lopez Obrador then rejected Trump’s offer to help Mexico “wage war” on the drug cartels saying that his predecessors waged wars against the cartels and that “it didn’t work.”

He told press in Mexico that he would speak to Trump and thank him for the offer.

“I don’t think we need the intervention of a foreign government to deal with these cases,” Lopez Obrador said.

Nine citizens including six children who live near the Mexican border state of Sonora were killed in the attack on Monday.

“This is the time for Mexico, with the help of the United States, to wage WAR on the drug cartels and wipe them off the face of the earth,” Trump tweeted.

“If Mexico needs or requests help in cleaning out these monsters, the United States stands ready, willing & able to get involved and do the job quickly and effectively. The great new President of Mexico has made this a big issue, but the cartels have become so large and powerful that you sometimes need an army to defeat an army!,” Trump wrote on Twitter.

“This is the time for Mexico, with the help of the United States, to wage WAR on the drug cartels and wipe them off the face of the earth. We merely await a call from your great new president!,” he concluded. 

The conversation on Tuesday is the second phone call this week between the two major leaders.

The gunfight broke out Thursday during an attempt to arrest Ovidio Guzmán, a son of drug lord Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán.

Lopez Obrador said that he told the U.S. counterpart that “we Mexicans have to resolve in a sovereign and independent way.”

The relationship between the U.S. and Mexico has improved since Trump took office in 2016. He openly said that Mexico would pay for his border wall.

“I want to thank Mexico. 27,000 Mexican soldiers policing the border because the Democrats will not do anything,” Trump said at his rally in Lexington, Ky., Monday night.

Both leaders have pushed their country’s legislatures to pass the United States Mexico Canada trade agreement.

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