Lacy Johnson is a Republican Candidate Challenging Ilhan Omar for Minnesota's CD5

Meet Lacy Johnson: Entrepreneur and Family Man Taking On Ilhan Omar

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking with Lacy Johnson, a Republican entrepreneur and social activist who is challenging Congresswoman Ilhan Omar to Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District.

Lacy grew up in one of Minnesota’s poorest zip codes and has dedicated his life to improving the community he came from. He was one of 10 children, six sisters and three brothers and is now the proud father of his 2 sons Darien and Adrian.

As a computer technologist, Lacy started his own company to bring poor kids from the inner city to teach them skills in technology and business while helping them save for a college fund.

Lacy Johnson believes many of the issues his district faces are the direct result of over 50 years of Democrat rule. Johnson links Democrat welfare and social programs directly to the poverty and unrest in his community.

That’s why Lacy Johnson finally joined politics after being asked by the Republicans to run in a State House race in 2018. They asked him again this year to run for Congress and he graciously accepted.

Lacy believes that Republican ideologies, especially those promoted by President Donald Trump, are the key to curing the ailments of Minneapolis.

Major Campaign Issues

One of Lacy’s top campaign platforms is the promotion of President Trump’s Economic Empowerment Zones. Lacy Johnson would like to see this program expanded upon to replace the existing welfare programs and instead promote community members to start businesses and hire local labor. This would not only save money from the welfare programs but also help create new, generational wealth CD5 and our entire country.

Lacy also wants to promote local governments and communities taking charge of more of these programs to reduce the involvement of the federal government.

You Can Check Out Lacy Johnson’s Campaign Site Here

Another major focus of Mr. Johnson is to see everyone in his community get access to great educations. That’s why Lacy wants to see a bigger focus school choice vouchers as well as see more programs focused on reducing the Achievement Gap.

Lacy also wants people in the United States Congress to start respecting Israel again.

Lacy Johnson on Ilhan Omar

He is extremely disappointed with Rep. Ilhan Omar’s constant attacks on Israel. She was even banned from the Jewish state for allegedly attempting to sneak Palestinian Government officials into the Temple Mount in Jerusalem using her official status as a United States Congressperson.

Lacy told us that he believes Rep. Omar is simply a selfish radical socialist who is more interested in building her own brand than fighting for the people of Minneapolis in Washington D.C.

Lacy Johnson has been disappointed with Democrat leadership in his city at all levels, however, the actions of Ilhan Omar seemingly outdo the others.

Since Minnesota’s 5th Congressional district has been dominated by Democrats for so many decades, Lacy’s campaign will need all the help it can get. If you want to show your support to Lacy Johnson’s 2020 Campaign for Minnesota’s 5th Congressional district, just Follow This Link.

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