This Dancing With the Stars (DWTS) Phenomenon May Be Telling That Trump Will Win in 2020

Spicer voting on DWTS may be telling of a 2020 win for Trump

Sean Spicer is a contestant on the current season of DWTS. And he hasn’t even been in the bottom two yet, even though, let’s face it, he can’t dance. I think this could be a telling tale of all the Trump voters still out there.

I am a long time avid fan of DWTS. I love the costumes, the “pros,” the dancing, the judges, just all of it. I wait with anticipation for each season and the announcement of who the “stars” will be.

And one of this years’ controversial contestants is Sean Spicer. He admitted that he is a horrible dancer, on Fox and Friends, in August:

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He’s right. In my opinion, he looks like Barney Rubble when he dances. But he keeps getting enough votes to not even be in the bottom two, even though he consistently has the lowest judge’s scores…by a landslide.

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Two weeks ago, the precious Sailor Brinkley-Cook, who stood in for her mom, Christie Brinkley after she was injured, was shockingly voted off. Not only is she precious, she is a GOOD dancer. She got great judge’s votes that night, too. She landed in the bottom two with singer Ally Brooke of 5th Harmony fame, who was also at the top of the leader board that night.

What is going on here? Are fans voting for the worst? Is the voting system, new this year to try to make things more fair, still flawed? Or is it something else? Who is it that is keeping Barney…I mean Sean… going? Could it be Trump voters?

Are you voting on DWTS? If so, for whom have you voted, and why?

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