The Three Most Important Things to Watch for in the 2020 Presidential Election

Hey guys, as a political consultant I wanted to sum up what I see as the 3 biggest issues for the upcoming 2020 election. To me, the 3 that Americans should watch out for are Border Security, the Economy, and the various trade wars.

2020 Election and Border Security

Despite being one of the biggest issues in 2016, border security still remains front and center for most Americans. It is important that we secure our borders for our citizens while dealing with these immigrants in a compassionate way.

It is my belief that if we strengthen our borders while also working to create more opportunities for security and success in their home countries, many people would quit immigrating illegally.

The Economy

The economy is always one of the most important factors in American elections. It was Bill Clinton’s old campaign manager James Carville who, when asked the most important issue to Americans famously said, “The economy, stupid.”

This is just as true in 2020 and a very good thing for President Trump. Trump has seen big success with his tax cuts and reducing regulations so far but it is important to keep that going.

A truly great economy works for everyone, bottom to top.

Trade Wars

When I say trade wars, I mean specifically trade with China. China has been attempting for years now to become the new world power, and we must defend our position in a fair and sensible way.

It’s important that our government does its part to help make trade a fair and level playing field, something that President Trump has been fighting for with great success.

Despite claims that Donald Trump started the current trade war, China has been abusing US economic and trade policies for years. Between stealing intellectual property and manipulating the value of their own currency, the playing field has been anything but level.

President Trump is the first president I have seen who pushes back on the trade war started by China and constantly works to defend US economic interests abroad.

To me, these are the key issues to watch out for in the 2020 Presidential election. If Trump keeps going the way he has been, he could be set up for a massive win unlike anything we have ever seen.



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