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On Thursday July 1, the first season of the Swedish series “Young Hewes” comes to Netflix, which tells the story of Prince Wilhelm (Edvin Ryding), one of the heirs of the Scandinavian order who then arrives at Hillerskay boarding school. It causes various problems in your family. And what was initially a punishment ended up being the perfect opportunity for you to discover who you are and what life you want to enjoy away from the stresses and perks of being part of the royal family.

During his time in the exclusive establishment, the protagonist will meet some familiar faces, people who are close to him only because of the position he occupies and will also experience his endearing vigilance with a classmate. But delusions of being able to live a normal life away from the crown and without the pressures of his family vanish when he learns that he has suddenly become first in the line of succession to the throne, and for that he must choose between his duty. or his love

With this starting point, the project created by Lisa Ambionn promises to be the perfect blend of “The Crown” and “Elite”. On the other hand, it has points in common with the series about Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom, as it focuses on the life of a member of the royal family, their obligations and responsibilities. And although it is not based on a true story, as happened to Elizabeth, Wilhelm was not in his plans to take the position of king and give up his freedom.

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On the other hand, like the Spanish series, it will focus on the bonds and tendencies of a group of rich boys, their ambitions and whims, and all the problems they encounter in adolescence. It should be noted that in the fourth season of “Elite” singer Paul Grinch joined Prince Philip Florian von Triesenberg, heir to the French-Spanish royal family. Like the protagonist in “Young Hewes,” this new character arrives in Las Encinas ready to quietly finish his high school studies. This isn’t because he doesn’t like to attract attention or be the center of all eyes, but rather because he has to go unnoticed so as not to feed rumors swirling around him. But with time, it does not take long for him to show his true personality.

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