You have to try this IOS 14 function on your Android mobile phone

Often users of IOS They want to have it Android functions And Android IOS functions. Over the years both have been operating systems Copy the most interesting posts, Though not all. We tell you today How to get one of the best IOS 14 functions on almost any Android phone. This functionality is related to security, privacy and the use of various permissions by apps. Thanks to the Android developer, users will be able to install the app Getting to the points And enjoy the job.

Access Points: Visible prompts when apps use certain permissions

Permissions Camera, location and microphone They are the most committed. Having apps that can access these permissions is completely normal, although you should be careful to know about them Trusted and untrusted apps. Do you currently know if X app uses microphone or camera permission?

A fraudulent app could use these permissions to spy on you or to collect personal information. Thanks to Getting to the points You will be able to enjoy a visual warning on the screen of your device when an app is using the permissions for a function. This was implemented in iOS 14 Recently and very useful to know How do the apps work? And discover potential fraudulent uses.

You have this job in almost any Android phone It is as simple as installing Getting to the points From Google Play and configure it in two very simple steps. The permissions it detects are those of the camera, microphone, and location.

Instala Access Points – Google apps

When an app uses any of these permissions on the foreground or background, a colored dot will appear at the top. If you send a voice note on WhatsApp, it will notify you that The microphone is being used.

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Fraudulent uses can be detected when you’re doing nothing with your microphone or camera and permission is triggered. At this moment you can enter Access Dots to find out which app they used And when it was done.

It is a very useful function that it can be It was implemented in Android with a simple application. It cannot be done on all Android cell phones, but it can be done on those who have it Android 7.0 Nougat superior.

If you are concerned about the Privacy Or you think that an app is using fraudulent use on your mobile device, we recommend that Instalar access points.

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