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  • The district will feature distinguished scholars, academics and researchers.
  • Universities, institutes, public and private research centers located in Córdoba can participate.
  • Differences will be presented within the framework of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science.

The Province of Córdoba, through the Ministry of Science and Technology, invites distinguished scholars, academics and researchers to apply for the 2022 edition of the “Women in Recognition of the Sciences”.

This initiative aims to highlight and shed light on female researchers in their jobs and contributions in various scientific, technological and innovative fields and in the continuous promotion of knowledge transfer.

It also seeks to awaken scientific vocations in future generations and promote empowerment, participation in office and decision-making roles for more women in science.

The deadline for registration is the following. February 4. Members of universities, institutions and research centers, public and private, located in the province of Córdoba, may apply.

All information, registration forms, grounds and conditions are available at .’s website Science and Technology.

Recognition will consist of discrimination to be delivered under International Day of Women and Girls in Science, which was institutionalized by the United Nations on February 11 of each year


For these distinctions, three categories have been identified that will be analyzed by the evaluation committee composed of representatives from various governmental, academic, scientific and commercial institutions.

  • Youth Promise: The award is given to a young researcher whose work shows in a promising way. It recognizes those who contribute their research to the production, as well as the transmission of, original or innovative knowledge, of social, productive and scientific impact.
  • Scientific Woman of the Year: highlights the work of a prominent researcher in the 2021 Cordoba Scientific System, whether for her innovative, ground-breaking, or interdisciplinary studies. It recognizes those who contribute their research to the production of original or innovative knowledge, of social, productive and scientific impact, and encourage transfer or training of human resources.
  • a pathHonors those who throughout their careers have contributed to the production of new knowledge, the development of innovations with social and productive impact, the promotion of knowledge transfer and the training of human resources.
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