“We represent fresh air, youth, modernity, but with an awareness of the historical chain of processes” | Chile’s president-elect, Gabriel Borek, in an interview with the BBC

Announcing Closet of 14 women and 10 men In an interview with the BBC news portal, the president-elect, Gabriel Borek, 36, said it was about breaking with Chile’s political tradition. “We represent fresh air, youth and novelty, but with an awareness of the historical chain of operations. We also represent that the status quo or conservatism is the worst thing that can come to Chile at the moment”, pointed out.

boricThis week, he spoke to the British government radio station on its site The first interview with an international media after the election in which he defeated the far-right candidate Jose Antonio Caste. The president-elect spoke of him new wardrobe And about its proximity and remoteness to some of the progressive governments in the region. “We represent the power of the times“, pointed out.

Borek acknowledged that during her first term, former Socialist President Michelle Bachelet made “an effort to maintain a common government, and conservative forces soon succeeded.” That is why he added: “I do not want to present ourselves as pioneers, but as we capture a legacy that transcends our borders.”.

The president-elect also referred to him Expectations for your government He highlighted the importance of decentralization. “I am a Magellan, born and brought up on the shores of the strait and for as long as I remember I have heard the word decentralization without having major impacts on daily life of people. from the public. And where decisions are made by the elite of Santiago, from the upper class, Above the realities we live in the communes, in the neighbourhoods.” He added, “I hope that at the end of our mandate we will have a decentralized Chile, in the boroughs, communes and regions, they can decide their future more than La Moneda or the upper district of Santiago.”

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The president-elect was also consulted if he admitted himself in any of the Left Rulers in Latin America. “It gives me a lot of hope and I wish to get a job along with Lucho Arce in Bolivia, If Lula wins the elections in Brazil With Lula, Gustavo Petro’s experience in Colombia is enhanced. He emphasized that a hugely interesting axis could be placed there.” Although he distanced himself from two left-wing governments. “I understand that the question is closely related to Venezuela s Nicaragua. In the case of Nicaragua, I cannot find anything there, and in the case of Venezuela, it is a somewhat failed experiment, the main evidence of its failure being the six million Venezuelans in the diaspora,” he said.

Regarding his goal as governor, Borek said: “Every organization requires some kind of system. I would say that the problem in Chile today is that that system does not exist. The social contract is broken. From my point of view the elites. Thus, in order to restore order, new forms are required and not to repeat what was in the past. ”

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