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Women’s boxing is a reality, and these days major fights are taking place that can redefine the future for many women who practice this sport in the world.

Last Friday, a historic show was held in Flint, Michigan: five women’s-only matches, presented on a pay-per-view basis. Clarissa Shields You defeated Al-Kindy Decaire, By unanimous decision, to be declared world unified super welterweight champion.

Next Saturday there will be a big fight between the former world champion Cecilia Braicus, Who took his unbeaten record and all the welterweight belts, Jessica McCaskill. This fight will be the semi-final of another great second match that has eight years of waiting: Gallo Estrada against. Chocolaito Gonzalez In Dallas, Texas.


The World Boxing Council We have dedicated significant resources and efforts to honor and support Women’s Boxing, and we will continue to do everything in our power to achieve its global growth.

Our body has created a series of special rules for women’s boxing. There is some tolerance for the official weight, considering the effects the menstrual cycle can have; The gloves are designed specifically for women, and an additional series of rules and protocols, the most important of which are undoubtedly the following:

The duration of rounds is two minutes, not three, as in men’s boxing, and the maximum number of rings is 10, not 12, as is the case in men.

There are important differences in the physiology of men and women, especially in the neck and top of the cervix. There are medical studies of sport where it has been confirmed that women are 80% more likely to have a concussion, and that their recovery is slower.

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The WBC He modified a number of rules to make boxing a safer and more humane sport for competitors, and one study conducted at UCLA concluded an easy-to-understand formula: Fatigue + dehydration + stroke Equals possible contusion and brain damage. That is why it was reduced from 15 to 12 rounds, and this action saved many lives.

A small group of boxers demands a change of base and let the women fight in three-minute rounds and 12-episode bouts. They demand change, according to them, to improve promoters’ pay and in the same way they are able to knockout wins.

Every boxer in the world, male or female, is capable of doing whatever it takes to excel. They will fight 15, 20, or 50 rounds, until they agree to fight to the death. All of them wrestle with unparalleled courage. It is our duty, as sport managers, to review and enforce the rules that protect them even from themselves.

Cecilia Braicos seeks revenge on this

Did you know …?

Clarissa Shields She is a great heroine. At the age of 17, he won the gold medal at the Olympic Games in London, 2012. He repeated in 2016, in Rio de Janeiro, hanging the gold medal again.

In his second fight as a professional, he won the NABF middleweight title. In his third fight he won the Silver Super Middleweight Championship in WBC. In his fourth competition, he achieved the world super middleweight title WBC And another body, and was a hero until 2017.

In his sixth fight he won a title WBC And another medium-weight object. In 2020 he defeated the scepter WBC In the Premier Welterweight and last Friday was consecrated in this classification and he is the undisputed champion.

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March 17th, he will be 26 years old.


With great pride, Don Goss promoted the path of his heroes, although he resisted at first because he said how it was possible for two women to knock each other over a ring.

I thought, as I had always done in times when she had to, and I realized that openness is essential for a woman to be a professional, because women’s boxing was advancing by leaps and bounds.

In fact, champions have made progress on the basis of effort and professionalism. Now they drive jobs and in every round give soul and heart, which is why he was always so proud of his boxers supporting them for better conditions in the ring and would have done more for them …

Written by Mauricio Suleiman
Head of the CMB


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