With $30 million they will expand Laredo Bridge in the US

Interim Director of Department of Economic Development of the City of Laredo and Puerto Laredo, Miriam CastilloThey announced that they would invest $30 million to expand infrastructure in Texas and improve access to Mexico.

In an interview with Millenniumstated that this capital is intended for the expansion of the bridge, which includes eight lines that will be reset, while a side area will be created to facilitate trade flow.

“The project has already started. The investment is now taking place, all the necessary plans and studies are in place; the official explained that the construction as such is not yet 100 per cent operational, but by mid-2026, it will be ready.

He stressed that one of the greatest competitive advantages enjoyed by the port Laredo It is a variety of options for trading exchange; They have four bridges, two international and one rail, as well as a freight airport.

He noted that there are ongoing reviews to rehabilitate infrastructure in that region of the United States.

“You have an investment in International World Trade Bridgewhat this will do is add a section parallel to the bridge in order to add more lines, make the crossing more efficient for both the south and the north, make better use of the 15 cabins currently in place, and ease a little bit of traffic congestion.

This capital injection is separate from the injection announced last week in the framework of the bilateral meeting between my heads of state Mexico s United State, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and Joe Biden, where it was agreed to invest $1.5 billion in border infrastructure between 2022 and 2024.

“We are committed as never before to completing a joint multi-year effort to modernize the US-Mexico border infrastructure for projects along the 2,000-mile border,” the Mexican government said in a statement.

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Myriam Castillo He revealed that at the same time in Laredo, the construction of a new bridge is currently under development, “Work is underway on presidential permits, but the plan is still in progress, they call it a 4-5 bridge, and it will be the fifth for Nuevo Laredoroom Mexico It is bordered by Nuevo Leon.

This happened after last April, the Texas government, headed by Greg Abbott, implemented new revisions to upcoming trucks Mexico It caused chaos at the border crossing, affecting all exporting companies. This was removed days later.

For her part, the temporary director of the Department of Economic Development of Laredo explained that the total trade exchange that passes through its facilities for distribution around the world amounts to 248 billion dollars annually, of which more than 200 thousand million. they are with Mexico.

“That’s what we are pushing for, to be able to have modern options with the best technology, training resources to work bilaterally, and not necessarily carry on with the idea of ​​building a wall that separates us, because we are two countries that are completely united.” fort.

Regarding strengthening inspections of trucks at the borders TexasWhat the governor seeks to impose Greg AbbottThe official stated that they do not agree with this idea that he seeks to apply to avoid migration in transporting goods, as trade between Mexico s United StateEspecially in this field.

“It’s really something that the Port of Laredo and the city don’t quite agree on, and it’s two of the issues that we’re always looking at, in order to mitigate and prevent these kinds of decisions being made at the state level from affecting us, and we’re doing that,” he said. Mexico‘ the official concluded.

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