Bennett travels to the United States to meet Biden

On Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett departed on a charter flight for the United States, to meet with the US President on Thursday. Joe Biden, in the Oval Office.

“We will plan how to prevent the Iranian nuclear program,” Bennett said before boarding the plane at Ben Gurion Airport.

“We are bringing a new spirit of cooperation with us,” the president added shortly before his address, referring to the new governments of Israel and the United States. “I have no doubt that this new spirit of cooperation has and will continue to contribute to Israel’s security,” he added.

Bennett announced that he and the US president would discuss Iran’s nuclear program.

This is Bennett’s first official trip abroad as prime minister and also the first time Biden has met an Israeli prime minister since taking office earlier this year.

Bennett added that he and Biden will also discuss various initiatives that will help Israel maintain its qualitative military edge, along with trade, technological innovation and the country’s health crisis. COVID-19.

Also, Bennett is scheduled to meet Wednesday with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, and National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan.

Dozens of pro-Jewish settlement protesters in the West Bank waited for Bennett on the tarmac to urge him not to “sell” them during his meeting with Biden, whose administration is taking a different stance than its predecessor. Donald Trump Regarding the Jewish settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories. (Sputnik)

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Source: Sputnik

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