Why can Canada require Mexicans to obtain visas again to enter the country?

This is why Canada is asking Mexicans for visas again. Credit: Infobae/Andina

Many people, every time a new year begins, make different resolutions, one of which stands out Travel More than that, little by little plans begin to be made to achieve the goals. National and international destinations These are taken into consideration and with them comes planning; However, there may be a destination that may be out of reach for Mexicans since it has been speculated upon, as well as requests for A valid passportit will also be necessary visa.

The destination in question is CanadaIt is the country that announced this since 2016 It would simplify entry for Mexican tourists By canceling the visa, which encouraged not only tourism but also trade relations between the two countries. Today this requirement can be requested again for the following reason.

“The Canadian Prime Minister announced the decision, Justin TrudeauLast June, as part of the state visit of President Enrique Peña Nieto. Since then, the governments of both countries have worked together to ensure that this measure is mutual, sustainable and mutually beneficial,” the federal government said on 1 December 2016 in order to confirm that a visa would not be required to enter the country.

If Mexicans are planning to travel to Canada at the present time, they only need to obtain a valid passport and once they arrive in the territory in question, they must pass through Immigration For the relevant seal on the document; However, if the visa is returned, it must not only be processed at the embassy, ​​but must also be approved, just like a travel visa. United State Through which you can enter the region legally.

Justin Trudeau announced in 2016 that Mexicans would no longer need a visa to enter Canada Credit: Cuartoscuro

Since May 2023, US authorities have asked Canada, e.g Mandatory conditionthe visa application will return to Mexicans due to the large number of Immigrants from Central American countries as well as Mexicans It was on the increase, and since obtaining this document was mandatory, the entry of citizens with foreign nationality would be regulated.

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Washington's request included the justification chosen by many Mexican citizens Travel directly to Canada Once in the region, which only requires a passport to enter, they sought to reach the country ruled by Joe Biden Illegal entryIn order to alleviate the situation, a return of the visa was requested.

Despite this request, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) insisted that Canada continues to emerge as one of the countries where No visa application is necessary To be able to log in; However, what is required is an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to enter without effects.

The visa for Mexicans wishing to visit Canada was canceled in 2016, the date on which it was also confirmed that this special permit must be processed, which can be done in the following way:

  • Enter this section of Government of Canada
  • Select the identification document you have (Passport, Foreign Passport for Stateless Persons, US Reentry Permit, Travel Document for US Refugees, Other Refugee Travel Document for Noncitizens)
  • Click “Next Question” (you will repeat this process for each question)
  • Choose the country of origin, in this case Mexico (MEX, as the system says)
  • Indicate whether or not you are a Canadian citizen
  • Determine whether or not you are a legal permanent resident of the United States and can verify this
  • Determine the reason for your trip to Canada
  • Tell the system how you will arrive in the country (plane, car, train, bus or boat)
Mexico and Canada maintain good trade relations that also benefit tourism Credit: Cuartoscuro

It is important to keep in mind that if the visit to Canada is up to six months, Such a permit will be required, and its cost Seven Canadian dollarsWhich is approximately 89 Mexican pesos. If the visit is smaller, a valid passport is sufficient.

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