Why buying from Amazon is not good in the long run

Far from returning to pre-pandemic numbers as some had expected, e-commerce continued its upward trend after the end of most restrictions. In fact, the volume of total sales has “evolved a lot” since 2020, explains business school professor Pablo Foncilas.

E-commerce continues to increase numbers and so does Amazon. Data on the development of the sector in the United States indicates that the penetration of online sales will already be close to 22% of all retail, excluding the impact of products that cannot be sold online, such as fuel.

competition problem

Biggest Winner in E-Commerce

Who is the big winner in this direction? The management expert has no doubt that it is the American company run by Andy Gacy. However, he warns that behind the e-commerce giant’s heavy discounts and adjusted prices, there is a real risk of competition, which puts neighboring companies in check and could materialize in the long run into a smaller variety of products and a loss of quality.

Professor at the Business School Pablo Foncilas


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