Who is really Oprah Winfrey? African American woman and pop culture icon

Oprah Winfrey He left television ten years ago, but an interview with the Dukes of Sussex showed the cult towards him is more alive than ever. It only makes sense that Megan and Harry would choose it as one of America’s celebrity christenings. This is not the only reason Winfrey It brings out the best sides of the people interviewed but also because he knows how to use silence which gives him enough time to follow the pace of the interview and the people who are interviewed.

It all made sense since then Opera Is the embodiment The American Dream. It represents the promise that if you work hard, you are fit and know how to take advantage of opportunities; You will go too far. From her humble childhood, to the point where she went to school in a dress made of potato bags, she has come a long way to where she is today.


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