Who is Chris Rock? The presenter who received a setback from Will Smith

“Jada, I love you, ‘GI Jane 2’, I can’t wait to see it,” that was a joke Chris Rock towards Jada Pinkettcausing the winner now in Oscar, Will Smith, He rose from his seat and slapped him on stage.

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It must be remembered that this movie was made by Demi Moorewho shaved her head to play the role in 1997.

Actor, comedian, musician, screenwriteras well as the film producer and director are part of the activities surrounding the career of the three-time presenter Film Festival. In previous years he had already had problems with the Smiths.


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Will Smith attacks Chris Rockin on stage during the 94th Academy Awards. March 27, 2022. Photo: © Myung Chun / Getty Images.

Born in South Carolina in 1965, Chris Rock His movie debuted in Hollywood Detective 2 next to Eddie Murphy. After that, he will enjoy huge success in his career by being a part of the popular TV show Saturday Night Live

Since then he is known to him fun humor It touches on topics, sometimes hurtful, such as family, politics, love and Race Relations in the United States. This has allowed him, on several occasions, to be recognized as the best comedian in the US and United kingdom.

Chris Rock, Oscar and Will Smith

The comedian was part of the most disturbing moment of the 94th Awards Oscar, With will Smith.

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will Smith
Will Smith received an Actor Award in a Leading Role for his role in King Richard. March 27, 2022. Photo: © Neilson Barnard / Getty Images.

However, this is not the first time that problems have arisen between the actors regarding the awards. in 2016 Chris Rock I was party hostwhich has been sabotaged by the now-Oscar winner, in support of the movement White Oscars With this, different characters from Hollywood They complained about the lack of diversity in these confessions.

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if he comedian announced that the Smith “They went crazy” and even included Jada in their business Verbal attacks.

a) yes, Chris Rock He became the protagonist at an uncomfortable moment, which will remain in the history of these awards.

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