Did the Elden Ring need a beast? According to internal data, the authors had played with this idea

User finds 128 icons pointing to a directory that has been eliminated by From Software.

Although it has passed more than a month since its launch, elden ring It is still on everyone’s lips. And not for less: it was Steam’s best-selling game of the past monthAnd her commercial performance was so high that she was able to surpass it 12 million copies sold In a few days. In addition, although the community enjoys its adventures because of middle landsAnd the Bandai Namco This title has already been dropped Can expand beyond video games.

Tokens will correspond to a total of 64 specific enemiesAs you can imagine, this success was the result of decisions that were approved and neglected thoughtswhich brings us to today’s topic: the user found clues pointing to a file brutal Which would give us information about the enemies of the Elden Ring. as a subscriber JesterPatches On Twitter, internal game data reveals 128 icons Which correspond to many opponents of the Midlands region.

It should be noted that all these symbols are associated with 64 specific enemies, where each one has a gray version (as if undetected) and a more lighted version (presumably, after unlocking this competitor). This includes opponents such as ordinary soldiers, animals, and demi-human, even though the user has not encountered them Nothing refers to the heads from the game.

it looks like, Programming I thought about including a wild animal to guide us around the Midlands a bit, but that idea Didn’t come off. Although, Elden Ring has other surprises like false walls what do you need More than 50 strokes to destroy and Details of the story in Latin Enemies play it. In short, the Elden Ring experience is extraordinary, and that’s why Analytics We considered it One of the wonderful masterpieces from generation

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