Where Was The Witcher Recorded?, Netflix Series

Despite the full landscape of what we will see in the new season the magicianThe series, starring Henry Cavill She presented viewers with incredible landscapes in her previous seasons. Now that it’s a file season 3 It has already been announced that the production is preparing to record the new part, many fans who have made the TV adaptation of the work Andrei SapkowskiThey wonder when they will be able to watch it on Netflix.

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The truth is that there is no definitive answer yet but everything indicates that the last quarter of 2022 is. The truth is that Filming of the third season It started and with it, many Geralt de Rivia story followers want to remember the key scenarios seen in previous installments.

Where the series The Witcher, Netflix recorded with Henry Cavill

Set in a wonderful world, full of magic and creatures not typical of this world the magician It has become one of the best series on Netflix in recent years, at least when it comes to fantasy and science fiction. During the adventures of Geralt, it was possible to see elves, witches, vampires and endless mythical creatures.

The best thing is to have everything together land escape Which does not seem to be taken from this world, although in history it presents us with imaginary cities like picture the Redania, The truth is that production is inspired by real places to achieve Special scenes from the small screen. Although it’s hard to believe, many of the places to see in the series are real, The Witcher has been recorded in many places in the world starting with Budapest Even Krakow.

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Let’s go to the beginning, filming of The Witcher began in 2010, so the series began recording Budapest In Hungary, a country where landscapes of valleys and castles were used in the Middle Ages, Poland was another place the production chose for recording, specifically the medieval ruins of Castelo de Ogrodzenic The urban and historical landscape of the Polish city Krakow.

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Now, we have to go back to the Mediterranean and find ourselves in the Iberian Peninsula. The Spanish Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands and Archipelago was the location chosen to record The Witcher. In previous seasons scenes landscapes palmAnd Gran Canaria s La GomeraThe volcanic and rocky settings of Ring 6 are part of the places in La Palma like Plain of Bruges s comprichita.

Likewise, although production was not done directly in certain places, technology was used to simulate spaces such as the capital of Redania, which was inspired by the city of Sighisoara. Other places to see it on screen include the UK and film studios. Now just wait to see the cool pictures and places we will meet in Season 3 of The Witcher.

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