Andy Najjar prefers Salomon Nazar in the Honduran national team

Tegucigalpa, Honduras. – Honduran right-back Andy Carpenter He left a controversial message on his social networks referring to a coach Honduras national team.

In a post where he mentioned the wonderful performance of a team Suleiman Nizar humble victoria crushed 4-1 Royal Spain“He should have been coach H (selection)”, said the DC United player, regarding the need to pick “Doctor” to replace Fabian Cueto in the duo.

Salomon Nizar is one of the most respected coaches on the national stage. He is known as a hardworking man and his teams, regardless of their inferior team, stand out for their bravery and the discipline they give on the field, as his philosophy is to always play good football.

With enough skill, he managed to climb up and make the Lobos of UPNFM a competitive team in the National League, causing headaches for the big teams, especially Real España (who beat them until their third Division One championship), and steady. in the league

In Victoria, he managed to raise his head after reaching the middle of the hatch and change his face.

Cepa FC boasts a list of famous footballers that Nizar has already tapped in his first match of the tournament against his regular client, and has won praise, including from Honduran star Najjar.

Carpenter, erased by Bolillo in h

Andy Carpenter It was part of Fabian Cueto’s failed operation that effectively left us out of the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

When the Uruguayan strategist was replaced by Colombian Hernan “Polillo” Gomez in the November window, the winger, who had been initially called up, declined the call for matches against Panama and Costa Rica, arguing that he had experienced physical discomfort and wanted to avoid it. Injury, however, there was no medical report to support the person the player commented on.

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I do not force anyone to come to the national team. When asked about Andy Carpenter, who was a star against Canada, the United States, Costa Rica and Jamaica (last match on October 13, 2021), Polillo Gomez said that whoever loves the national team loves the country.”

Colombia’s DT didn’t mention it in the January and February window either; The defender is on leave after the MLS remains inactive. Honduras continues without finding a player to cover his position on the right side.

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