When does Stranger Things 5 ​​premiere in Argentina?

Series Weird things She is one of the most followed in the world. Many are waiting for the release date of Season 5 Netflix.

delay Stranger Things 5 ​​premiere This was due to the fact that there was a screenwriters' and actors' strike in the United States which affected its production.

Due to this situation, it is expected that the fifth season of the series will be shown Weird things It will be released in mid-2024As hinted by the Duffer Brothers, creators of this science fiction series.

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What theories will be seen in Stranger Things 5?

Some theories that leaked and spread on social media about the fifth part of Stranger things are next:

  • Given how late Part 5 was conceived, there will be a time jump of about 5 years, where we will see the older heroes of 'Stranger Things'.
  • In the new part, we will once again see the tunnels that we knew in the second season.
  • The character Eleven, played by Millie Bobby Brown, will return to her hairstyle in season two.
  • Jonathan will have a more important role in this new season.

Netflix: What is Stranger Things?

Synopsis: After the strange disappearance of a little girl, a town finds itself confronted with a mystery that reveals secret experiments, supernatural forces, and a very special girl. Stranger Things on Netflix.

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