It’s on Netflix, it’s an hour and a half long and it’s very risky

Young and crazyThe film won the Best Screenplay Award at the Sundance Film Festival in the United States, and received very good reviews from experts.

In the highest views within the popular drama genre, Alarming film to Netflixwhich managed to attract subscribers with an unmissable story, was ranked among the most viewed.

the film to Netflixwhich premiered on the platform on February 28, 2021, and is an hour and a half long.

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Netflix: What Young and Crazy is about

“Raised in a religious family, Daniela explored her sexuality in cyberspace and created a blog of teenage sexual confessions. The platform’s official synopsis states, ‘Inspired by real events.’ Netflix.

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The cast of Netflix’s Young and Crazy

  • Alicia Rodriguez (Daniela)
  • Felipe Pinto (Thomas)
  • Maria Gracia Omegna (Antonia)
  • Aline Copenheim (Teresa)
  • Alejandro Goic (Raymundo)
  • Ingrid Essensee (Isabelle)
  • Pablo Krug (Joshua)
  • Andrea Garcia-Huidobro (Julia)
  • Hernan Lacalle (Simon)

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Trailer for Netflix’s Young and Crazy

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