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The WhatsApp It will launch three highly awaited innovations by users: Stealth mode, temporary chats, and multi-device playback. This was confirmed by Facebook CEO and owner of the company, Mark Zuckerberg, who explained that these new functions, which could be available in the next update, are aimed at Save space and protect user privacy.

One of the three new functions that the messaging app will add will be Incognito Mode in WhatsApp Status, which provides the user with the ability to hide when looking at someone else’s stories, that is, there are no records to watch them. This novelty will simplify something that many have done with very cumbersome steps.

Second, the company will be re-launched Ephemeral conversations, which was presented – without much repercussions – in November last year, with letters lasting 7 days. The new WhatsApp functionality will now allow messages that are sent to disappear instantly. There will also be an option to configure a file self destruction From the same thing after 24 hours.

Finally, one of the functions most requested by users will be integrated: multiple devices. The same WhatsApp account can be used on up to 4 devices at the same timeThis is something other messaging apps like Telegram and Facebook Messenger have already allowed for a long time.

Combined devices It will be able to work without an active internet connection on the main device. For now, this new feature will only be released in beta for users who want to try it out.

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