WhatsApp will have a companion mode: How it works

How does Companion Mode work in WhatsApp?

Companion Mode allows you to link your account to any cell phone or other device, and start and close a session on different cell phones as many times as you need.

After linking the account to the secondary device, it will be possible to access chats, send and receive messages, as well as use other WhatsApp functions without having an active internet connection on the main cell phone.

In addition, your chat history will automatically sync between all devices where the app is installed and linked and messages and calls will remain protected with end-to-end encryption even if they are sent from the linked device instead of the main one.

This process is similar to using WhatsApp Web. On the secondary device, you have to install the app and make sure it has the latest update. Then you have to click on the “Link Device” option under the list of options that appear on the registration screen where you enter the phone number to log in.

Once this option is chosen, the screen will display a QR code that must be scanned from the main mobile device to link the WhatsApp account. The account will be automatically launched on both phones, allowing it to be used interchangeably on both devices.

WhatsApp Companion Mode properties

This update only applies to Android devices, so the second paired device, be it a mobile phone or a tablet, will also need to be Android. For users who use WhatsApp on iOS devices, this feature is not available yet.

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Similarly, it has also developed that although the Companion Mode has been released to all beta users, some functions may not be fully available. For example, the ability to manage broadcast lists or post a status update from the associated device.


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